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RemoTI Production Test

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RemoTI-2.0.x comes with a production test mode implemented. This page discusses the details of this mode.


  • No pairing/binding required
  • Short execution time
  • Multiple parallel test stations
  • Tests:
    • Crystal accuracy
    • Packet error rate
    • Signal strength


All communication over RF4CE requires pairing without significant modification. For more details about pairing/binding refer to this section. The RemoTI Production Test solves this issue. The Target, or Production Test Server, is setup with predefined pairing information. The Device Under Test (DUT) is setup with pairing information that match. This is done per test station.

For test station t ∈ [1,9]:

Field Value Comments
Vendor ID 0x0007 Texas Instruments
RF4CE Transmission Option 0x54
  • Vendor Specific
  • Uni-cast
  • Single Channel
  • Acknowledged
Device Under Test
Field Value Comments
Source NWK Address 0xCCCt Own address
NWK Address 0xDDDt Destination address
Golden Unit
Field Value Comments
Source NWK Address 0xDDDt Own address
NWK Address 0xCCCt Destination address


This section describes the payload of a vendor-specific RF4CE frame. The profile ID should be set to 0xC0, although the protocol is profile ID neutral. However, the vendor ID must be 0x0007.

Data Frame

Number of bytes 1 1 1 1 4 8
Field Test Protocol Production Test Sequence Number FREQEST * Software Version IEEE Address
0x20 0x04 Reserved

* This field is filled by the Golden Unit after the frame is received.

Software Version
Number of bytes 1 1 1 1
Field Major Minor Revision Patch


To download the GUI:

  • If you already have access, please go to your mySecureSoftware page and find the download link.
  • If you do not already have access you may request access via this link.