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Resource Explorer

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The TI Resource Explorer includes many resources, such as examples and documentation, that are helpful to the new user as well as advanced users.
It is available both online and included with CCS.

This page discusses the Resource Explorer (offline) included with CCS in CCS 6.1.3 and earlier.
Note: CCS 6.2 and higher include both the online Resource Explorer (menu View->Resource Explorer) and offline Resource Explorer (menu View->Resource Explorer Classic). More information on the online Resource Explorer is available here.

When CCSv6 is started up with a new workspace a Getting Started page is displayed. Clicking the Browse Example icon will open up the Resource Explorer.
Resource Explorer can also be opened by going to the menu View-> Resource Explorer (Examples).


Detecting and Importing Example Projects

To view the CCS example projects that have been detected on your computer, click on the “Browse Examples” link in the Getting Started page.

Many software packages are automatically detected and will be visible in the left pane. Some examples of packages automatically detected:

  • MSPWare selected during CCS installation or installed from CCS App Center
  • ControlSuite
  • TI-RTOS packages installed from CCS App Center


The Resource Explorer allows you to browse the contents of these packages and navigate down to CCS example projects. You can also import, build and debug projects directly from this view with a single-click for each action. This greatly simplifies the earlier process of having to navigate manually through the structure of the package to find the location of CCS example projects and then going through the import steps in CCS by browsing to the desired path.

Controlsuite allprojects.png

Note that when you import a project from resource explorer, it will be copied to your workspace. This may be a different behavior than what you may choose when manually importing a project.

Resource packages within the Resource explorer will be visible across all workspaces and across multiple installations of CCSv6 (if you have multiple versions installed in different folders). So if additional packages are manually added, they will only need to be done once to be visible to all CCSv6 installations.

If you closed out the Resource Explorer view and need to open it at a later time, go to menu View->Resource Explorer.

Discovering Packages and Examples

Besides the software packages installed from CCS App Center, you may have also installed other software on your machine using standalone installers. In this case, the Resource Explorer can be configured to discover other TI software packages, and generate a resource package for them. For example, if you have Starterware for OMAPL138 installed you can set up resource explorer to discover the CCS examples included in Starterware. To do this:

  • click on “Configure Resource Explorer to discover examples, documentation and generate a resource package”

Resource exp 2.png

  • Click on "Add" and add the path to your Starterware installation
  • Click "OK"

The CCS projects within Staterware can now be navigated to and imported from resource explorer.

Discovering TI-RTOS Examples

If TI-RTOS is installed separately using the standalone installer to a directory other than c:\ti or the CCS install directory, it may not be automatically detected in TI Resource Explorer. If you use the "Configure Resource Explorer to discover examples, documentation and generate a resource package" link to tell CCS the location of the package, the package may appear in the left pane, but the example projects may not import correctly.

For instance, the discovered package may look like this (which is incorrect):

Res exp wrong.png

Or you may get an error like this when importing the project:

Error: Device is either 'null' or is currently not recognized by CCS. Go to 'Help > Check for Updates' page to check for updates and visit CCS App Center to get the latest device support.

To fix this, follow these steps:

  • remove the manually added package by clicking on the "Configure Resource Explorer to discover examples, documentation and generate a resource package" link, selecting the package and clicking Remove
  • Go to menu Window->Preferences->Code Composer Studio->RTSC->Products
  • Under Product Discovery path, click on Add and add the path to the TI-RTOS installation
  • Ensure that the check box "Search for new products each time Code Composer Studio is started" is enabled, and click OK
  • Restart CCS, and enable the newly detected TI-RTOS package
  • After it is installed, it should appear under "Installed Products" like below

    Rtsc products.png

After these steps, Resource Explorer should display the TI-RTOS package properly (as shown below) and the examples should import fine.

Res exp correct.png