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AM335x Starter Kit GbE Demo Options

The AM335x Starter kit comes with two Gb Ethernet ports that can be used in three operational modes. The three modes include switch mode, dual MAC mode, and gateway mode.

Default Setting

By default, the Starter kit’s Ethernet ports are automatically configured in dual-mac mode.

Switch mode enables the Automatic Learning Engine (ALE) of the AM335x to build a routing table and intelligently route packets to the proper destination. This is enabled by modifying the device tree source file for the evm-sk.

SK ETH Default.jpg

Changing Settings

To change modes navigate to the Ethernet submenu using the Ethernet button located on the Home screen of the GUI as highlighted.

SK ETH DualMac.jpg

From the Ethernet submenu users can select between ETH1 (dual MAC mode) and NAT (gateway mode). In both modes the ALE is split preventing direct communication between networks.

SK ETHmenu.jpg

ETH1 (Dual MAC Mode)

MAC mode disables the ALE in the AM335x and each of the external Ethernet ports communicates using different MAC addresses. This requires a user level application to send communication upstream or downstream to the two independent networks.


NAT (Gateway Mode)

Selection of the NAT button in the Ethernet submenu will place the starter kit in gateway mode. Gateway mode is a kernel level implementation of modifying IP packet headers allowing the device to communicate between two networks. This mode allows for a conversation to occur through the device only when it originates with the masqueraded network, since this establishes the translation tables.

SK Gateway.jpg