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Accessing SVN server

On Linux

Setting up Proxy server

To use SVN behind the proxy, edit the file ~/.subversion/servers. Look for the below lines:


http-proxy-exceptions = *,

http-proxy-host = (<-- uncomment this line, replace this line with the required proxy)

http-proxy-port = 7000 (<-- uncomment this line, replace this with the right port, usually 80)

Check out the code

Use the below command

svn checkout

If an username is required, use the below line, and a blank password when prompted

svn checkout --username anonymous

On Windows

Use a tool like Tortoise SVN (

For configuring proxy, right click on the folder that is setup for the repository, Choose TortoiseSVN->Settings->Network and change the proxy as required.

After configuring, right click on the folder, and select "SVN Checkout", and use

svn checkout

as the command to checkout the repository into the folder.

Details of SVN (Complete usage)

More details on SVN can be found at,