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The SYS/BIOS On-line training materials is designed to introduce the developers to the basic concepts of using SYS/BIOS in their applications. The training itself can be viewed from within a web browser, and is broken up into a series of separate modules, each of which takes less than 15 minutes to watch. It is not mandatory that the modules be viewed in order.

In addition, we have included some lab exercises for you to download and try out for a hands-on experience.

SYS/BIOS Training Modules Now Available

  1. Introduction to SYS/BIOS
  2. Hardware Interrupts (Hwis)
  3. Software Interrupts (Swis)
  4. Tasks
  5. Semaphores
  6. Timers and Clocks
  7. MSP430

SYS/BIOS MSP430 Training Labs Now Available

  1. Timer App Lab Exercises
  2. Tilt App Lab Exercises
  3. Mailbox App Lab Exercises


The "Intro to TI-RTOS Kernel Workshop" is now available. Follow the link below to find out more. The TI-RTOS Kernel Workshop covers the SYS/BIOS operating system available for all TI embedded processors - C28x, MSP430, Tiva-C, C6000 and AM335x (Cortex A-8). You can take a LIVE workshop (scheduled at various sites around the U.S.) or download/stream the videos of each chapter online and watch at your own pace. All of the labs, solutions, powerpoint slides, student guides, installation instructions, lab procedures, etc., are all available to you. The workshop labs run on all MCU platforms and the C6000. Check it out...

Intro to TI-RTOS Kernel Workshop