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Save Dirty Editor plugin installation

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CCSv4 is based off Eclipse 3.2, which does not support auto-save of modified files in the editor. However there is an Eclipse plug-in called 'Save Dirty Editor' that can add support for this in CCSv4.


Obtain the Save Dirty Editor Plugin

Download the Save Dirty Editor plug-in zip from the Save Dirty Editor homepage.

Note: CCSv4 was validated with version 1.0.2 of the plug-in.

Installation Instructions

Extract the contents of the zip (./plugins) into <INSTALL DIR>\ccsv4\eclipse so that the SaveDirtyEditors_x.x.x.jar file in the ./plugins folder gets dropped inside the <INSTALL DIR>\ccsv4\eclipse\plugins folder.


To adjust the time interval between saves and the file extension of the temporary file, check the preferences under 'Window->Preferences' and you should see new editor preferences for the new plugin:

Fig. 1: Save Dirty Editors Preferences