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Family of tags with pencil and battery

Welcome to the SensorTag Wiki. This page includes information to complement the page.

If you are looking for information about the previous generation SensorTag(CC2541 based) please go to

SensorTag Users Guides

CC2650 SensorTag Software User's Guide

This User's Guide provides gives details of CC2650 SensorTag BLE firmware including basic operation, sensor overview, GATT tables, conversion algorithms and overview of Bluetooth low energy commands used to communicate with the phone. SensorTag firmware is delivered as part of BLE Stack, available for download here.

Battery Notice

Warning! This kit includes a non-rechargeable lithium battery. To minimize risk of personal injury and/or property damage due to potential of explosion/rupture of battery, always make sure battery is completely removed from the CC1350STK/CC2650STK when connected to an external power source. External power source cannot exceed 3.6VDC. Dispose the battery properly and keep out of the reach of children at all times.

When replacing the battery use only UL-1642 approved CR2032 batteries. Please check the replacement battery temperature ratings and do not use the CC2650STK outside of the battery manufacturer specified temperature range. CR2032 Batteries from the following suppliers have been tested and approved for use with the SensorTag: Energizer, Varta, Sony, Panasonic

Debug DevPack Users Guide


Display DevPack Users Guide


LED Audio DevPack Users Guide

LED Audio DevPack User Guide

MQTT field names

The MQTT field names are used for accessing the SensorTag from cloud services.

Resource Name Access type Unit Type Comment
pressure R hPa float Pressure sensor air pressure
pressure_t R C float Pressure sensor temperature
humidity R %RH float Humidity sensor relative humidity
humidity_t R C float Humidity sensor temperature
objtemp R C float IR temp sensor object temperature
accelX R g float Accelerometer X-axis motion
accelY R g float Accelerometer Y-axis motion
accelZ R g float Accelerometer Z-axis motion
gyroX R deg/sec float Gyroscope X-axis rotation
gyroY R deg/sec float Gyroscope Y-axis rotation
gyroZ R deg/sec float Gyroscope Z-axis rotation
magX R uT float Magnetometer X-axis magnetic field
magY R uT float Magnetometer Y-axis magnetic field
magZ R uT float Magnetometer Z-axis magnetic field
light R Lux float Light sensor illuminance
battery R mV float Battery voltage level
key1 R state int Push button 1 key value
key2 R state int Push button 1 key value
reed R state int Magnet reed relay state value
buzzer RW state int Buzzer on/off
LED1 RW state int LED1 state on/off
LED2 RW state int Buzzer on/off
Radio R string string Radio interface(BLE/Wifi)

Designing your own products with CC26xx and CC13xx

This how-to guide gets you started with your own development: [Designing a Product with SimpleLink CC26xx or CC13xx Wireless MCUs]

How to Certify your Bluetooth Product

The SensorTag reference design has passed FCC(US)/ETSI(Europe)/IC(Canada) RF testing but it is not formally certified. This section explains what certifications the SensorTag has completed and the steps required to certify your own product: How to Certify your Bluetooth product

Not ready to go through full FCC/ETSI certification? Use certified modules from our 3rd party partners: [Bluetooth low energy modules]

Post your own projects

Easy TI Sensor Tag development for JavaScript HTML5 programmers

Updated tutorial with kitchen sink template, and how-to video

Evothings Studio open source mobile development framework for Mac, PC and Linux can be downloaded here:

It comes bundled with custom BLE Sensor Tag app, several BLE examples + code source w. Apache 2 licence. When you upgrade your SensorTag to acs as a BLE beacon, there are suitable ibeacon examples too. Development clients available on Google Play and Apple's Appstore, find 'evothings'!