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Setting RTSC Build Properties in CCS

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After you have created a CCS project that uses SYS/BIOS, you can change the properties of the project in CCS by right-clicking the project name and choosing Properties or Build Properties.

In the CCS Build category of the Properties dialog, the General tab applies to compiler settings, the RTSC tab applies to the "configuro" utility used to process the .cfg file, and the Link Order tab applies to the linker settings.

If there is any platform-specific configuration in your .cfg file, you must change those settings in addition to any platform-related changes you make to the CCS Build settings.

If your configuration file is stored in a separate project from the project that contains your source code files, you should be careful about changing the CCS Build settings for a configuration-only project. The build settings for the configuration project must match or be compatible with those of all application projects that reference the configuration project. So, if you change the CCS Build settings for a configuration project, you should also change the build settings for the application projects that use that configuration.