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Shared Machine CCS Install

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The default CCS installation is setup to be used by a single user on a single machine. However, in some cases there is a need to share a machine by multiple users. e.g. when a HW device needs to be shared in a lab. In this situation CCS can be adjusted to store user specific configuration settings in a user specific folder.

Eclipse and hence CCS uses two different directories to write eclipse/user data;

1) eclipse/configuration : This directory contains eclipse generic data about installed plugins, its internal plugin caches, list of used workspaces and other eclipse configuration data

2) workspace: This directory contains user projects( or references to them) and all user specific settings, preference changes, open windows, etc.

The configuration area defaults to install location. In this case multiple user's using CCS will use the same eclipse/configuration directory, but users will be asked to use different workspaces. However, this setting can also be adjusted to be user specific. This can be done on eclipse command line or by modifying a setting in eclipse/configuration/config.ini file.

Command Line Options:

Start CCS on a command line with following argument(executable is located in CCSInstallRoot/ccsvX/eclipse): eclipse -configuration "AbsolutePathToConfigurationDir"

Modify config.ini

Add following line to config.ini file


The last directory name (in both command line and modifying config.ini cases) needs to be chosen to be a unique directory per installation of CCS. Thus it is suggested that this folder name be a combination of installation directory and/or CCSversion. Furthermore, if multiple versions of CCS are installed on the same machine, then it is also important to use different workspace directories. Thus different workspace should be used for each user and for each unique version of CCS.