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SourceSafe plugin installation

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There is a VSS plug-in for Eclipse that can be used to add Microsoft Visual SourceSafe integration into CCSv4.  More information on the plug-in is available at this link


  1. CCSv4.x.  Note that this plugin will NOT work with CCS versions greater than CCSv4.x.
  2. SourceSafe client software installed.

Installation Procedure: 

1. Install JDT Unzip the JDT 3.2 runtime into the \eclipse folder in your CCSv4 installation.  The zip file contains plugins and features folders that need to be merged with the same folders in your CCSv4\eclipse folder so say yes to the prompts from windows to do this.

2. Download VSS Plug-in 

Download version 1.6.1 of the plug-in from here.  This should go to a page where you can download a zip file containing the latest plug-in.  When these instructions were written the latest version was 1.6.2 (do not install 1.6.2, you need 1.6.1, download the package that does NOT say Europa on it).

3. Close CCS

You need to close CCS as we will be adding a new plug-in.

4. Add plug-in to CCS

Copy the contents of the zip file into the CCSv4\eclipse\plugins folder.  i.e. copy the org.vssplugin_1.6.2 folder into your eclipse\plugins folder so that you get eclipse\plugins\org.vssplugin_1.6.1.

5. Restart CCS

When you restart CCS it will load the VSS plug-in.

6. Using VSS inside CCS

In CCS help there will now be a book called "VSS Plugin". If you click on the readme item inside this book it contains quite a bit of useful information on how to use this plugin.

  • Associating a project with a VSS repository
    • Right click on a project in the project view
    • Select "Team->Share Project..."
    • Choose the "VSS Configuration Wizard"
    • Fill in the details in the wizard
    • Once this is done you will see the path to the VSS repository in parenthesis beside the project name. All the files in the project will have a little ? over top of their icon if they have not yet been added to VSS
  • Adding a source file
    • Right click on a file
    • Select "Team->Add to VSS"
    • Once a file is added to VSS the ? will go away from the icon an dyou will see a little cylinder on top instead
  • Checking out a file
    • Right click on a file
    • Select "Team->Check Out"
    • A check mark will show up on top of the icon for the file
  • Using VSS Views in CCS
    • There are a number of views included in the VSS integration. You can open the "VSS Browser", "Checked Out Files" and "VSS Refesh Log" views by going to Window->Show View. Select Other and then look under VSS.