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StarterWare Release Notes

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StarterWare Version

Date: 17 December, 2011.

Document License

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StarterWare provides no-OS platform support for TI AM335x GP EVM and Beaglebone which are based on TI AM335x SOC. StarterWare provides Device Abstraction Layer, libraries, peripheral/board level sample/demo examples that demonstrate the capabilities of the peripherals of AM335x. StarterWare comes with pre-compiled binaries for bootloader and example applications which can be run from an SD card.

Supported Features

  • Device Abstraction Layer and Example Applications for the peripherals on AM335x as listed in the table below.


Supported By DAL

TI AM335x EVM Examples Beagle Bone Examples
  • Echo Application in Interrupt Mode
  • Echo Application in DMA Mode
  • Echo Application in Interrupt Mode
  • Echo Application in DMA Mode
High Speed - I2C
  • EEPROM R/W in Interrupt Mode
  • EEPROM R/W in DMA Mode
  • Temperature Sensor (Temperature Display)
  • Accelerometer (Board Tilt Angle Measurement)
  • EEPROM R/W in Interrupt Mode
  • EEPROM R/W in DMA Mode
Multi-channel SPI
  • SPI Flash R/W in Interrupt Mode
  • SPI Flash R/W in DMA Mode

                   No Support in BB

  • ISR Counting  
  • ISR Counting
Watchdog Timer
  • WDT Demonstration
  • WDT Demonstration
  • LCD Backlight On/Off
  • Audio Buzzer
  • Haptics Motor
  • LED On/Off
High Speed MMCSD
  • SD Card Access with FAT File System
  • SD Card Access with FAT File System
Real-Time Clock (RTC)
  • Time Set and Get
  • Time Set and Get
  • CDC Device Mode
  • Custom Bulk Device Mode
  • MSC Device Mode
  • Mouse Device Mode
  • MSC Host Mode
  • Mouse Host Mode
  • CDC Device Mode
  • Custom Bulk Device Mode
  • MSC Device Mode


  • Embedded Web Page Access
  • Echo Application with socket-programming
  • Embedded Web Page Access
  • Echo Application with socket-programming


  • Audio Loop-Back

                   No Support in BB


Demonstrated in peripheral level  DMA examples

Demonstrated in peripheral level DMA examples


  • Image Display

                   Not Available


  • NAND Read Write

                   No Support in BB

  • NAND Read Write (Error Location Detection)
                   No Support in BB


      Available only as part of OOB Demo

                   No Support in BB


  • Board-to-Board communciation

                   No Support in BB


  • Touch Screen Caliberation

                   No Support in BB


  • Bootloader for TI AM335x EVM which supports MMCSD, NAND and SPI Boot Modes.
  • Bootloader for Beagle Bone which supports MMCSD Boot Mode.
  • Ethernet lwIP (a light weight IP stack) Port for AM335X
  • MMC/SD Library
  • NAND Library
  • USB library
  • APIs to configure Cache and MMU.
  • Support for switching between Privileged and Non-Privileged modes.
  • Support for both IRQ and FIQ handling
  • Power Management examples for TI AM335x EVM to demonstrate Deep Sleep 0 and Deep Sleep 1 modes
  • An Out-Of-Box (OOB) application for TI AM335x EVM using multiple peripherals.
  • An Out-Of-Box (OOB) application for Beagle Bone using multiple peripherals.

What is Not Supported

  • Nesting of interrupts within host interrupts
    • One IRQ cannot pre-empt another IRQ
    • One FIQ cannot pre-empt another FIQ
  • Security Extention Features
  • Applications using standard malloc/calloc
    • StarterWare Startup Code neither call any library nor initializes heap. Hence does not perform initializations required for malloc/calloc.
  • Peripherals or features not mentioned as part of "What is Supported" section are not supported
  • Downloading and debugging support for IAR Embedded Work Bench.

New in this Release

  • Device Abstraction Layer for
    • DCAN
  • Example applications to demonstrate
    • DCAN board-to-board communication
    • Accelerometer
    • Audio Buzzer
    • Temperature Sensor
    • Haptics Motor
  • CCS and IAR projects for Power Management example applications
  • CCS and IAR projects for USB example applications

Fixed in this release

Issue Identifier Issue Description Issue Resolution
SDOCM00084265 CPLD I2C: Communication with CPLD via I2C is not happening Issue is resolved in Beta version of TI AM335x EVM 
SDOCM00086209 IAR and TMS470 projects are not created for a few examples IAR and TMS470 projects are created for Power Management and USB examples
SDOCM00086796 Interrupt status clearing API of HSI2C DAL fails to clear RAW interrupt status.  
Used write to clear instead of read modify write to clear RAW status.

Known Issues / Limitations

Issue Identifier Issue Description Workaround
SDOCM00087753 USB MSC Dev Mode executable doesnot work in standalone mode. However the .out file works when loaded from CCS. The command file for CCS can be modified (Line 57:".bss  : load > DDR_MEM" to be changed to ".bss  : type = NOLOAD,")and the project can be rebuilt. The updated command file usb_dev_msc.cmd (for EVM and beaglebone) is available in this link
SDOCM00084262 UART: UART EDMA example application is not working in FIFO Enabled mode. The issue is under investigation. In case of UART EDMA, disable FIFO.
SDOCM00084263 McSPI: McSPI is not working at 48MHz, eventhough the flash and the McSPI controller supports operation at 48MHz The frequency of operation can be kept at 24MHz for SPI Flash access
SDOCM00085661 UART EDMA example not working consistently with AM335X EVM and Beagle Bone None
SDOCM00085925 Cache MMU Example application does not work consistently in AM335x EVM and Beagle Bone None
SDOCM00086247 INF file required to support the USB CDC serial device on WIN 7 64 bit host. None.
SDOCM00086202 Hardware register layer files of peripherals which are not part of AM335x SOC are included in the Starterware release package. None.
SDOCM00086275 Spurious interrupts generation can happen sometimes and generate an abort and halt the execution. Dummy ISR is added to handled spurious interrupt to demo application. This can be done in any application to prevent spurious interrupt generation from halting the execution.
SDOCM00086180 Starterware web server takes a long time to start sometimes. Several options in lwipopts.h file can be changed and fine tuned
SDOCM00086319 Beagle Bone Demo application home web page is not coming consistently, when tested across networks Several options in lwipopts.h file can be changed and fine tuned
SDOCM00086320 The software implementation of CLZ, NumLeadingZeros() in grlib/string.c, misses a special case: the case of being passed a zero. Update the code to add a check that, if the parameter passed is zero, return 32.
SDOCM00086390 Unable to load .out file from IAR IDE. None
  • If the code sourcery installation path contains white spaces, Cygwin may give errors while linking.

Installation and Usage

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

Currently no upgrades are available.


Refer to Host Platform Requirements of the User Guide

Device Support

SOCs Supported:

  • AM335X

EVMs Supported:

  • TI AM335x EVM Rev 1.1A
  • Beagle Bone Rev A3

Validation Information


Technical Support and Product Updates

For further information or to report any problems, contact or or