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Starting CCSv5 Debugger

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CCS v5 introduces new ways of launching a debugger. CCSv4 has an explicit tag “Active Project” that identifies a project that will be used to start a debug session. CCS v5 does not have an "Active Project".

Debug Active Project

CCSv5 introduces a more flexible way of achieving the same end result. Active project becomes selected project. Thus selecting a project or any resource (file) in a project makes it “Active”. Clicking on a Debug button will start a debug session on selected project. Furthermore, selection is not limited to Project View, a source file that is opened in editor and has focus can also be used to identify “Active” project, or more accurately selected resource (in this case opened source file in editor) identifies which project should be used to start a debugger.

Launch TI Debugger

Starting a project less debug session is performed through Target Configuration view. You may open it by selecting View->Target Configurations menu option. Select an existing target configuration in User Defined section, right click and choose Launch Selected. This option starts the debugger only without starting JTAG connection or loading a program. If you do not have a target configuration in User Defined section, then you will need to create it by selecting "New Target Configuration file" from view's toolbar.