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Stellaris-ICDI Programming

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This process will show how to flash the EEPROM connected to the FTDI chip used to implement the ICDI (in-circuit debug interface) for the Stellaris development boards. For a reference design with regard to hardware, please see the user’s manual of a Stellaris Evaluation Kit. Note: you will need StellarisWare & a tool such as LM Flash Programmer (or IAR, CCS, etc) on your PC. Please have these items present & installed on your PC prior to going through this process. This will ensure that the drivers will be recognized properly & you can test to see if the process was successful

1. Download & run FT Prog. ( You may need to install the virtual COM port drivers for FTDI device.

2. Connect power to the MAVRK board via the MCU mini USB port and connect the mini USB port on the LM3S9B96 MAVRK daughter card.

3. You can then see the new devices (shown in red boxes) in the system device manager for windows platforms.  To access the device manager, go to Settings -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager.


4. Click on the magnifying glass (aka Scan and Parse)


After scanning, the device should be blank. If it is not: right-click on the Device (in this pic it is Device: 0) and choose “Erase Device”. When the process completes, close & re-open FT Prog and power-cycle the board. You should now see the below screen.


4. Then click the open icon and choose the xml file for ICDI at this location:


5. Right-click on the device (not the template!) and choose “Apply Template” for the icdi.


6. Now right click on the device again and choose “Program Device”. When the process completes you should see this:


7. Now power-cycle the board. The drivers should install themselves (provided you have Stellaris tools installed on your PC, such as CCS or IAR along with StellarisWare). The drivers that should appear in your device manager are circled in red.


8. The end! Try programming the blinky project from StellarisWare. You should see the yellow Ethernet LED blink.