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TI-Android-GingerBread-2.3-DevKit-2.0 ReleaseNotes

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TI Android GingerBread 2.3 DevKit 2.0 Release Notes

Release Notes - April 30, 2011

NOTE: This document is applicable for Android on AM38xx/TI81xx devices.
The TI Android Development Kit for DM3730, AM37x and AM35x devices can be downloaded from


This is TI-Android-GingerBread-2.3-DevKit-2.0 release based on Android GingerBread 2.3 for AM38xx/TI81xx platforms.

This release serves to provide

  • Fundamental software platform to build Android based products with TI devices.
  • Give Android application developer a stable integrated foundation software.
  • Provide benchmark numbers to evaluate Android based solutions with other distributions on TI devices
  • A single release package that comprises of
    • Sources (Linux kernel, Boot loader, Android 2.3 distribution and test/sample apps)
    • Debug and Development tools (CCSv5 and Android plugins)
    • Documentation (Developers guide, user guide and release notes)
    • Test reports (CTS report, Test results, Performance and benchmarking)
    • Pre-built images for Out of the box demo and evaluation
    • Plugins (Adobe Flash 10.2)

Software components in release

This Android distribution / release is built by integrating the sources from project hosted on The sources can be obtained by following the instructions provided in developers guide using TI-Android-GingerBread-2.3-DevKit-2.0.xml Android manifest file.

The code base for Linux kernel, Open GL 3D graphics acceleration drivers (SGX), U-Boot, syslink, IPC, HDVPSS drivers included in this release is also hosted at the following repositories:

Component Repository (Branch) Commit ID / Baseline
Bootloader (ti81xx-master) 90fb5f4f4b992b6b93fe6d3619a2b8564cfe934b
TI81XX Linux Kernel (rowboat-ti81xx-2.6.37) a3643b9f58bd88bcef983ae6e9ca4910c40da47a
SGX Release (ti_sgx_sdk-ddk_1.7) 1516ec18768a403ea2aa25370794ca02576b0280
Adobe Flash 10 v10.1.r105
syslink, IPC, HDVPSS 5535e5173313bf5ef99a7f63914c081ac2344801

For detailed information on the various software components included in the release and how to use them, please refer to the

The Android sources, SGX drivers, Kernel and U-Boot have been compiled with GNU Toolchain for ARM Processors from Android pre-built package

Base line of software components

The following TI components are ported to Android distribution to build this Android release.

Component Version Base Repository Base Tag (or commit id)
TI81xx Linux Kernel 2.6.37(Linux kernel version) The baseline was chosen from "PSP" release from;a=summary v2.6.37_TI816XPSP_04.00.00.10
U-Boot v2010.06;a=summary v2010.06_TI816XPSP_04.00.00.10
Android GingerBread 2.3 TI-Android-GingerBread-2.3-DevKit-2.0.xml (without multimedia DSP acceleration),
Syslink 02_00_00_67_alpha2 - -
HDVPSS drivers REL.HDVPSS. - -
IPC 1_22_03_23 - -
Open GL ES 3D acceleration (SGX) based on 1.7 DDK - -


  • User guide

Provides instructions on how to use the TI Android GingerBread 2.3 DevKit 2.0 package. A copy of the User Guide is included in the docs folder of the DevKit package. The User Guide also gives instructions on building the Android root filesystem using Android sources maintained on rowboat repositories.
Location  :

  • Developer guide

Provides instructions for Android developers to get access to Android sources for TI devices, setting up host environment for compilation and enabling debug environment to ease the app development, debugging and deployment. [edit]
Location  :

  • Performance guide

Gives the benchmark numbers for various parameters and peripherals
Location  :

What's Supported

This release package includes support for the AM38xx/TI81xx platforms

Software features/components supported in this DevKit are

  • Android GingerBread 2.3 release from Google Android
  • Android Linux Kernel 2.6.37 integrated with PSP ( drivers
  • Bootloader (u-boot)
  • SGX Open GL Drivers
  • Adobe Flash 10.2 plugin for Android (upon approval)
  • Example Applications and Demos
    • Desk Clock, Browser, Calendar, Calculator, Contacts, Gallery, GlobalSearch, Launcher, Music, Settings
    • 3D Graphics - OpenGLES demos.
  • Documentation
    • User Guide
    • Release Notes
    • Developer Guide
    • CTS reports
    • RowboPERF (Performance measurement) application user guide
    • Software Manifest files
  • Host Tools for development and debugging
  • Android debugging with ADB
    • ADB Debugging over Ethernet
  • CCSv5 based Android debugging
    • Connecting Eclipse (as provided by Android) with the EVMs
  • Test and Performance Reports
    • Performance, benchmarking results
    • Test results from our validation
  • Hardware features supported
    • HDMI (1080p) display
    • Component out (1080p) display
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • Audio In/Out
    • USB mouse and keyboard
    • SD/MMC boot
    • SATA
    • PCIe
    • DDR3

Package Content

  |-- Android_Source_Manifest
  |   `-- TI-Android-GingerBread-2.3-DevKit-2.0.xml
  |-- Documents
  |   |-- RowboPERF_User_Guide.pdf
  |   |-- Software_Manifests
  |   |   |-- TI-Android-DevKit-FS-Manifest.doc
  |   |   |-- TI-Android-DevKit-Manifest-For-TSU-components.doc
  |   |   `-- TI-Android-DevKit-Software-Manifest.doc
  |   |-- Test_Performance_Results
  |   |   |-- CTS_Report.tar.gz
  |   |   |-- PerformanceResult.pdf
  |   |   `-- Test_Report.tar.gz
  |   |-- TI-Android-GingerBread-2.3-DevKit-2.0_DeveloperGuide.pdf
  |   |-- TI-Android-GingerBread-2.3-DevKit-2.0_ReleaseNotes.pdf
  |   `-- TI_Android_GingerBread_2.3_DevKit_2.0_UserGuide.pdf
  |-- Performance_Apps
  |   |-- 0xbench
  |   |-- 3D
  |   |--
  |   |-- Launcher2
  |   |-- rowboatBench
  |   |-- RowboPERF
  |   |-- RowboPERF_User_Guide.pdf
  |   `-- StorageIO
  |-- Prebuilt_Images
  |   `-- AM389X_TI816X
  `-- Tools
      |-- android-sdk_r06-linux_86.tgz
      |-- mk-bootscr
      `-- mk-mmc

Installation and Usage

The Android DevKit release provides

  • Sources & Tools  : For Android developers
  • Pre-built images  : For Out of the box demo and Android evaluation


TI provides Android sources for all the supported devices in multiple locations, developers can download the sources from the repository or use the pre-packaged repo in the DevKit.


The following commands help developers to clone sources from repository

  $ mkdir rowboat-android
  $ cd rowboat-android
  $ repo init -u git:// -m TI-Android-GingerBread-2.3-DevKit-2.0.xml
  $ repo sync

Using pre-packaged repo

The above method is ideal but is time consuming, so developers can use the pre-packaged Android sources in DevKit package.

NOTE: Once the sources are generated developers can do a “repo sync” to pull latest updates (if any) from

  $ mkdir rowboat-android
  $ cd rowboat-android
  $ Download the pre-packaged repo from
  $ tar -xvzf
  $ cd TI_Android_GingerBread_2.3_DevKit_2.0_Sources
  $ ./.repo/repo/repo sync --local-only

This will generate the sources for

  • Android File system
  • Android Linux Kernel (in kernel directory)
  • u-boot boot loader (in u-boot-omap3 directory)
  • Toolchain (prebuilt/linux-x86/toolchain/arm-eabi-4.4.0/bin)

Pre-built Images

The pre-built images can be used for Android evaluation and out of the box experience. The pre-built images are maintained as

  • Separate EVM image for AM38xx device
  • A combo package "TI_Android_GingerBread_2.3_DevKit_2.0" with tools, documentation and pre-built images

Refer to release page:

Please refer to the User Guidefor more information on how to install and use the DevKit for out of the box demos and evaluation

The md5 checksums are provided for users to double check or verify the completeness of downloaded package.

Device Support

This release supports the following platforms

  • Texas Instruments AM389x/TI816x EVM

Known Issues

Issue Description
AM387x/TI814X: USB closer to the power supply loses power frequently on some boards.
No workaround

AM389x/TI816x: USB is not getting detected
Press reset pin for 2 sec and reboot the board

Touch screen on Touch Screen LCD Monitor is not working
No workaround
To be fixed in future release
Display out of range problem on Touch Screen LCD Monitor and TV with HDMI ouput.
Connect LCD TV and set it to screen fit mode

AM387x/TI814x: RowboPERF 0xBench 2D Draw Circle is introducing flickering to the image
No workaround
To be fixed in future release

Power Management is not working
No workaround
Not supported by Linux BSP
AM387x/TI814x: SATA is not working
No workaround
Hardware issue
UBIFS is not working
No workaround
To be fixed in next release


This is Release TI Android GingerBread 2.3 DevKit 2.0

The release is available from

Technical Support and Product Updates

For further information or to report any problems, contact or
For community support join
For IRC #rowboat on
To raise any defect for this release please use