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TI-Android-JB-4.1.2-DevKit-4.0.1 ReleaseNotes

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TI Android JB(Jelly Bean) 4.1.2 DevKit 4.0.1 Release Notes

Release Notes - November 20, 2012


TI-Android-JB-4.1.2-DevKit-4.0.1 release is based on Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 for TI's AM335x platforms. Release includes support for AM335xEVM, AM335x Starter Kit and Beaglebone.

This release serves to provide

  • Fundamental software platform to build Android based products with TI devices.
  • A stable integrated foundation software for Android application developer
  • Benchmark numbers to evaluate Android based solutions with other distributions on TI devices
  • A single release package that comprises of all TI components (Bootloader, Kernel, Tools), TI differentiators like 3D graphics based on SGX, WLAN/Bluetooth based on TI's WL127x and Android standard components.

See below table to find information on various individual components

Component Version
Repository (Branch) Commit ID / Baseline Base Repository
Commit ID / Base Tag
Bootloader 2011.09


AM335x Linux Kernel 3.2



SGX Release ddk 1.10


8833e6c None
Android Filesystem
JB 4.1.2

For detailed information on the various software components included in the release and how to use them, please refer to the

The Android sources have been compiled with GNU Toolchain for ARM Processors from Android pre-built package

The Kernel and U-Boot have been compiled with GNU Toolchain for ARM Processors from Android pre-built package

The SGX & WIFI drivers have been compiled with GNU Toolchain version 4.6 for ARM Processors from Android pre-built package


Document Name
User Guide
Provides instructions on how to use the TI Android JB 4.1.2 DevKit 4.0.1 package. The User Guide gives instructions on building the Android root file system using Android sources maintained on rowboat repositories.
Developer Guide
Provides instructions for Android developers to get access to Android sources for TI devices, setting up host environment for compilation and enabling debug environment to ease the app development, debugging and deployment.
Performance Guide
Gives the benchmark numbers for various parameters and peripherals
Porting Guide
Provides information on porting packages like Matrix Keypad, Audio, WLAN/BT, etc for other platforms

What's Supported

Device Support

This release supports the following Texas Instruments devices

  • AM335x

This release supports the following platforms:

TI Device Platform Supported Version Other Accessories
AM335x AM335x Evaluation Module Rev 1.1A or greater USB HUB, USB Keyboard, USB Mouse, Ethernet, UART Cable, Audio Speakers, MMC/SD Card (2GB min)
AM335x AM335x Starter Kit Rev 1.2 Micro-USB cable, Ethernet cable, Audio Speakers, micro-SD Card (2GB min), USB Keyboard, USB Mouse, USB Camera Module
AM335x BeagleBone Rev A3, A4, A5(expected to work), A6 USB HUB, USB Keyboard, USB Mouse, Ethernet, Mini-B USB Cable, MMC/SD Card (2GB min). Also tested with beaglebone LCD7 cape and LCD3 cape.

Software Components

Following software components are supported in this DevKit:

  • Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 release from Google
  • Android Linux Kernel 3.2
  • Android GCC toolchain 4.6
  • Bootloader (SPL and u-boot)
  • SGX OpenGL ES Driver & Libraries DDK v1.10
  • WLAN and Bluetooth Firmware and Compat Drivers for TI's WL1271
  • Built-in Applications and Demos
    • Browser, Calculator, Clock, Contacts, Music, Search, File Manager, Spare parts (developer apps)
    • Dev Tools, Downloads, Gallery, IMEs for Japanese, Chinese, and Latin text inputs, Speech recorder, RowboPerf
    • 3D Graphics - OpenGLES demos.
  • Peripherals drivers
    • MMC/SD, UART, Ethernet, Matrix Keypad, Volume Keys, LCD, Touchscreen
    • Sensor control : Temperature sensor, Ambient light, Accelerometer, Automatic Backlight control
    • USB(Host and Gadget) , Audio out/in, WLAN, Bluetooth
  • Documentation
    • User Guide
    • Release Notes
    • Developer Guide
    • Porting Guide
    • RowboPERF (Performance measurement) application user guide
    • Software Manifest files
  • Host Tools
    • Pinmux Tool
    • MMC/SD Card Generation Utility
  • Android Debugging
    • ADB Debugging over USB and Ethernet
    • TI's CCSv5 using Android ADT plugins
  • Test and Performance Reports
    • Performance, benchmarking results
    • Test results from our validation
    • Google Android's Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) report

New features in this Release

Note: First release for Android JB 4.1.2

Issues fixed in this Release

Note: First release for Android JB 4.1.2

What's Not Supported

  • The following items are not supported:
    • Bluetooth connectivity for HSP and HFP profiles
    • Audio on Beaglebone
    • Camera (USB Camera is supported only on AM335x Starter Kit)

Above listed features will be supported in upcoming releases.

Installation and Usage

The DevKit release is maintained at

Please refer to the for more information on how to install and use the DevKit

Known Issues

Issue Description
AM335x(ICS) system freezes or hungs when Kraken JavaScript BenchMark runs.
NA This issue is observed only with 256MB memory configuration.The test passes with 512MB memory
Gadget storage mode is not working
Multimedia SDOCM00091160
Beaglebone is unable to play some videos
NA Platform cannot decode and render H.264 beyond 320x240
AM335x(ICS) system failed to decode a video clip with codec H264 and resolution 704x576
Platform cannot decode and render H.264 beyond 320x240
2048x3172 resolution pictures are not displayed correctly
Android VNC server
SDOCM00091164 Beaglebone: androidvncserver load is very high ~97% which affects board performance NA


This is Release TI Android JB 4.1.2 DevKit 4.0.1

The release is available from

Technical Support and Product Updates

For further information or to report any problems, contact or
For community support join
For IRC #rowboat on