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TI Cloud Agent

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What is it?

The TI Cloud Agent is a small application that facilitates flashing and debugging hardware devices from the Texas Instruments Cloud Tools. A browser extension, called the TI Cloud Agent Bridge, must be installed separately to enable the browser to communicate with the main application.
Device-specific support files are downloaded as needed to minimize the installed footprint size. The initial installation requires elevated permissions in order to install hardware drivers.

System Requirements


  • Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Linux: details on the Linux distributions supported is available here
  • Mac: 10.9 (Mavericks) and up (64 bit only)


  • Free Disk Space: 20-100MB
    • Since device-specific flash components are downloaded as needed, the actual size varies quite a bit. 20MB is the the bare minimum, and 100MB would be needed to support multiple devices.
  • Memory: 100MB
  • Processor: 1+ GHz, requires SSE2 instruction set which some processors released prior to 2003 may not have.

Browser Requirements

  • Firefox: Version 52 and up.
  • Chrome: Version 60 and up.


TI Cloud Agent Installation

Please ensure you have followed all the instructions on the "TI Cloud Agent Installation" dialog. You should only have to perform each step once.


If you are still having issues please check the following:

  • Chrome
    • Click on the Hamburger.png icon in the top right and select "Settings" then "Extensions". Find TICloudAgent Bridge and ensure "Enabled" is checked.
    • Do not use incognito mode, or select "Allow in incognito" in the same location as above.
  • Firefox
    • Click on the Hamburger.png icon in the top right and select "Add-ons" and then the "Extensions" tab. Find TICloudAgent Bridge and click on "Enable" if present.
    • Do not use private browsing.
    • Open "about:config" in a new tab. Select "I'll be careful". Type "browser.privatebrowsing.autostart" in the search box, and disable the option if enabled.

If you are still having issues please report the issue on E2E Forums.

Overriding TI Cloud Agent Proxy Settings

Cloud agent attempts to automatically detect and configure the local proxy settings. If automatic detection fails, it may be necessary to manually override the proxy settings. This can be done by opening the <Home>\TICloudAgent\util\proxy.js file and setting exports.proxy to your local proxy. For example: exports.proxy = "";

Linux Library Dependencies

When the TI Cloud Agent installer starts, it will check for the presence of the required system libraries. Please ensure these libraries are present before proceeding.

Only 64-bit Linux distributions are supported by TI Cloud Agent.

A common issue is a missing dependency on This library may not be available on some Linux distributions. A workaround for Cloud Agent is to symlink to

The process of installing dependencies for the desktop Code Composer Studio installs is also relevant. For more information refer to here.


Please submit TI Cloud Agent logs when reporting issues on the E2E Forums.

To enable logging on Linux and MacOS, edit the ~/TICloudAgent/ script, and add the following two lines starting at line 2:

export TI_DS_LOGGING_OUTPUT=/tmp/my.log
# Note created ticld log file will be modified to /tmp/my_ticld.log
# Note created ds log file will be /tmp/my.log

Restart your browser and reproduce the problem. In the example above, the log will be located at /tmp/my_ticld.log.

On Windows, add the following two lines to C:\Users\<your ID>\TICloudAgent\ticloudagent.bat near the top of the file:

set TI_DS_LOGGING_OUTPUT=c:/temp/my.log
REM Note created ticld log file will be modified to C:/temp/my_ticld.log
REM Note created ds log file will be modified to C:/temp/my.log

In this example above, the log will be located at C:\temp\my_ticld.log.

Supported Devices

TI Cloud agent supports all MCU families when used with UniFlash. The Cloud IDE supports most launchpads (excluding Hercules).

The Cloud IDE does not support debugging of MSP-EXP430G2452 and MSP-EXP430G2553 when used on Linux or MacOS. Loading of images to flash is supported on all operating systems.