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TI eXpressDSP wiki merged into Embedded Processors Wiki

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The (long awaited!) merge of the TI eXpressDSP wiki with the Embedded Processors wiki is now complete. This page outlines the reason for merging, status, known issues, and future plans.

Why merge the 2 wikis?

In hindsight it was a mistake to create a separate wiki for TI eXpressDSP Tools & Target Content. Having 2 somewhat similar wikis created the following problems: -

  • Fragmented information - for example Category:OMAPL1 had some articles on TI eXpressDSP wiki and others on the Davinci/OMAP wiki. It was therefore difficult to recommend a single location to bookmark.
    • Fix - now we have 1 consolidated Category:OMAPL1 category for the OMAPL1 processors - all articles relating to OMAPL1 automatically "show up"
  • Category links - similar to above it was impossible to mark an article to apply a category on the other wiki. Category links only work within the same wiki.
    • Fix - we now have 1 set of consistent Categories. It is now much easier for contributors to know how to categorize their topics.
  • Search - the standard Mediawiki Search box only searches the current wiki - it doesn't span wikis. It's true that our GoogleSearch fixed that but this was not very obvious.
    • Fix - standard Mediawiki search should now find everything. If it doesn't you can keep using GoogleSearch
  • Which wiki to post on? - where to put e.g. an article related to Platform Support Packages (PSP)? It could equally apply on TI eXpressDSP or Davinci/OMAP wiki.
    • Fix - zero possibility of confusion now. There's only 1 wiki.
  • Plugin maintenance - we install a bunch of plugins to make the wiki easier to use such as WYSIWYG editors. We had to do this twice :-(
    • Fix - now when we install a plugin everybody benefits. No double maintenance.

1 wiki, 3 URLs - how does that work?

All content is on 1 host but we have 3 entry points - there may even be more in the future.,, and all point to the same content. Keeping the URLs allows customers to keep their current bookmarks. In addition, having multiple URLs gives teams the flexibility to create e.g. yet still benefit from work done by others simply by marking topics with the appropriate categories. is the primary domain, whilst, and are parked domains.

Main Page Design

  • Why was the Wiki main page redesigned?
    • This was done to cleanup the category list in preparation of merging the TI Express DSP Wiki with this one.
    • The main page was modified to reflect the new categorization and to make browsing this Wiki easier.
  • What if I want to add a new category?
    • While the main page lists several categories it is not the ultimate list of categories. As content is created new categories will be made to help group like content. The current list is just a suggestion of categories.
    • For best practices on when to create a new category please see the Do's and Don'ts page.

Known Issues

  • If you had an account on the TI eXpressDSP wiki but not on the Davinci wiki, you'll need to recreate that account name in order to contribute. This is unavoidable, but it's a relatively minor issue - it takes 30 seconds to create an account!
  • TI eXpressDSP Page hit counts - we were able to bring across all of the article history however pulling in the page hit counts is a little trickier.
    • Status : 030609 : working on it. May be able to pull in the right SQL table and import it to the Davinci wiki.
      • Fixed : 030709

Please report any problems you find!

We've tested this merge to the best of our ability. However if you find problems please report them on the Discussion Page.

Enjoy the (merged) wiki!