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TMS320DM6437 DaVinci Technology One-Day Workshop

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The TMS320DM6437 DaVinci™ Technology One-Day Workshop provides in-depth instruction on the capabilities of the DM643x digital media processors as well as an overview of the development process used to build a complete network-enabled multimedia system using these processors. This is a lab-based, technical course designed for engineers and engineering managers who would like to evaluate DM643x processors as well as designers who have already selected a DM643x processor and would like an introduction to the software infrastructure and development tools provided by Texas Instruments for use with these processors.

The workshop covers the development of a networked audio/video application with source code examples that students are able to take home. The concepts of driver, algorithm and networking development discussed in conjunction with this example system are generically applicable to other types of systems as well. The lab examples are provided utilizing both the DSP/BIOS kernel and the VirtualLogix Linux general-purpose operating system. Students may select which version of the labs to complete according to their design requirements.

Attend a Live Workshop

You can find the workshop schedule and enrollment information for a live TMS320DM6437 DaVinci Technology One-Day Workshop here: TMS320DM6437 DaVinci™ Technology One-Day Workshop

Workshop Materials