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Comments on Creating filesystems on removable media

BernieThompson said ...

Just a couple of comments on this page, I think we may want to change the title to be more specific to OMAP-L, as this does not really apply to other devices well in its current state, the alternative being to expand it for other devices. Another potential issue is that it is suggested to use EXT2, which may not be the best idea since it is not journaling and prone to corruption if power is pulled during accesses (EXT3 is better IMO). I also tried using parted like described for a SD card for AM1808 and using the commands as is led to a SD card that was not recognizable by Ubuntu 9.10, so I had to reformat it with Windows and than using fdisk to partition and mkfs.ext3 to format it worked.

--BernieThompson 16:37, 18 March 2010 (CDT)

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