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Comments on Debugging JTAG Connectivity Problems

Sp li said ...

I followed the instruction, and everything was fine until "Detect the length of the scan chain" - dbgjtag is simply crashed.

What does it imply? Something wrong in JTAG or board side?

xdsprobe did the same thing, and it crashed too.

I have tested this on 2 windows xp pro and both had same symptom.

--Sp li 00:55, 8 July 2009 (CDT)

DanRinkes said ...


You are likely better off posting questions like this to the Forums, rather than posting on the Wiki. They may get answered in either place. But the Wiki is not routinely monitored for questions like the forum is. The forums are here

With that being said, it's hard to tell where your problem is coming from. I suspect that it's possibly a problem with the board, but problems with the board shouldn't cause a dbjtag crash.

Have you tried other boards with these systems? The way the scan length check works is that the emulator scans in a number of patterns of bits into TDI and waits for those bits to show up on TDO. I don't have a good explanation of what could cause dbjtag to crash. Hopefully, if you find the answer to this question, you will post your findings back to this page.

--DanRinkes 15:14, 15 July 2009 (CDT)

Slavica said ...

Is there a tool to diagnose connectivity problems with Spectrum Digital XDS100v2 USB JTAG with? I have CCS v4.2.1 running on Windows XP. Only SD tool installed is SDConfigEx, but it only provides XDS510USB option.

--Slavica 18:00, 12 January 2011 (CST)

Ali Bahar said ...

re: Slavica 18:00, 12 January 2011 (CST) Hi Slavica, I don't work on Windows, but I _have_ tested the XDS100v2 from a linux host. The ccsv5 distribution has these two utilities ./ccsv5/ccs_base_5.0.1.00036/common/uscif/xdsprobe ./ccsv5/ccs_base_5.0.1.00036/common/uscif/xdsreset which are installed under /usr/local/CCSv5/. I don't know what the equivalent paths may be in Windows. Never the less, these utilities seem to be wrappers around the DbgJtag utility -- which your ccs ought to have, or which you may find elsewhere for Windows. (The Spectrum utility is AFAIK the same thing as this.) There are also and openwince-jtag, elsewhere.

--Ali Bahar 22:25, 2 March 2011 (CST)

Ali Bahar said ...

Here's another link for JTAG utilities:

--Ali Bahar 09:30, 3 March 2011 (CST)

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