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How to change boot animation logo in Kitkat for BBB

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Currently I am porting to "customize" the android for my project. For this, I took Android KitKat 4.4.4 from t and able to build/ flash and see the android booting with BBB with 7" display.

Now I want to change the boot animation - i.e when the system boots - I see "a n d r o i d" letter being shown until the system boots. Now I want to change this to my own letters or my own logo.

Can any of you - who knows this - can help me on the steps to be followed?



Nipa (talk)08:27, 11 September 2015

Please try the E2E forums. Similarly, posting this question to the MainPage doesn't make sense. If there is an applicable page related to what you're asking, the question should be posted there. However, E2E is your best bet.

Wmat (talk)08:49, 11 September 2015