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  • Gerrit Lueck (mail)
  • Tobias Waschek (mail)

Do you have to kill a little time? Here is the answer

Timekiller is a very easy but also pretty addictive game for the ez430Chronos. After you start you have to asses the elapsed time correct to get to the next level.

Usage Instructions

After you scrolled to timekiller in the line 2 menu you have to press the down button to activate the game. You will get to know that it is running by the arrow up and arrow down signals on the display. Right now the game is ready to be played. Feel free how to give the accelerometer some data. You may snap your finger, knock on the Chronos or roll your arm. When you think the time is over, do it again (Lvl1 = 1sec, Lvl2 = 2sec...). If you where right "PASS" will be displayed and the level increments, if not you will see "FAIL" and may try the current level again.

After a long press of the num-button you will enter the game menu. First you can see your highscore (be carefull: button down resets the highscore). If you press the num-button again, you will be able to choose your startlevel (highscore is maximum, of course). The last point of the menu is to change the knock sensitivity. To leave the menu just press star.

That's it. Have fun!

Features to come

Sometimes you don´t want to shake around your hand. But that doesn´t mean you have to live without timekiller. Soon there will be another option in the game-menu, the game mode, where you can choose whether you want to play with accelerations or buttons

The game modes - coming soon!

Source Code