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Unified Breakpoint Manager

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Unified Breakpoint Manager (UBM)

The UBM is where all breakpoints and advanced debug features such as Advanced Event Triggering are made available. This presentation provides and overview of how to use the UBM in CCS 3.3 as of Service Release 8.

Unified Breakpoint Manager Tutorial:

****Please note that this document demonstrates use cases via CCS v3. Use cases are equally valid for CCSv5/CCSv5 as well****

Training presentation: Ubm-ext-02.pdf

Details of the Trace Triggers Available in UBM: AUBM_TraceTriggers.pdf

See also Simulator Data Breakpoints and Watchpoints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.)Can UBM halt on a write to peripherals?

A.)The AET unit monitors reads/writes that go over the CPU data read and write buses. If the peripherals are configured in such a way that this bus is used, then AET will be able to monitor it. Otherwise, it will not.

Q.) Can UBM halt on a write by DMA?

A.) No, The DMA writes don’t go over the buses that are monitored by AET.

Q.) How do you reset the cycle/event counter? (ARM only)

A.) You must reprogram the AET block. CCS will automatically do this when the option to reset on run is selected in the plug-in. There is no bit or register that can be written to automatically clear the counter.

Q.)What bus does the Debug logic monitor?

A.)The Debug logic monitors the internal read and write data busses.

Q.)Does the UBM work on 55x devices?


Q.)What devices does the UBM support?

A.)c6x, c55x, c28x, and ARM