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Updating/Restoring the OMAP-L137 Kernel Image

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This page will cover how to update/restore the Linux kernel image used during boot. This is necessary if you have either:

  • Lost the original kernel image (erased the flash)
  • Rebuilt the kernel

Booting Linux kernel using U-Boot

Booting the kernel requires a valid kernel image (uImage) and a target filesystem. A pre-built kernel image is included in the images/kernel directory of the PSP installation. Pre-built file system images can be found in your PSP tools installation at images/fs.

Various methods to boot Linux kernel using U-Boot are detailed here

Updating Kernel Image on USB Storage

If you have already created a USB storage device containing your Linux kernel and target file system you can update the Linux kernel by simple mounting the first partition where the kernel was written and copying your new kernel image onto the USB storage device (overwriting the existing one). If you have not created a USB storage device containing your kernel and target file system please see the Creating file systems on removable media page.