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I took at look at the changes you made to the draft main page.  I added the item for the Legacy OMAP Processors.  I didn't add "Digital" after davinci as right now the name is consistent with  As for the color change we actually just changed it recently based on a color scheme that the team came up with.  They are big on this teal color at the moment.  I was going to add the link for Aureus but that table is meant to navigate within the wiki and the link is a link.  I did add the ™ after DaVinci as well as after a number of other brands.  Good catch on that.



Thanks. I dont know about anything so that was the reason i asked for a counter check on that my proposal. --Alexander.stohr 03:10, 21 November 2013 (CST)



Can you please explain to me why you are creating so many categories? The list of categories has exploded to the point that real categories are being obscured. For example, do we really need a category for linux kernel configuration screen captures? There are also several categories that are created that have only 1 element and are duplicates of another. Can you please try to minimize creating extraneous categories?

Old issue - already discussed some years ago. Its no longer an issue. --Alexander.stohr 03:10, 21 November 2013 (CST)
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