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Using C6Run on DM6467 with DVSDK 3.x

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C6Run is still available for download, but is no longer being actively developed or maintained. Please consider other alternatives such as .

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The purpose of this article is to explain and provide information on how to take the C6Run package and integrate it into the older DVSDK 3.10 in order to support the DM6467T platform.

Step-by-step Install Guide

Note that through these instructions the text ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR} indicates the location where the DVSDK was installed, not the actual text "${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}".

  • Download DVSDK Installer from here
  • Install dvsdk_3_10_00_19_Setup.bin (the directory to which the DVSDK is installed is ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}).
$ chmod +x dvsdk_3_10_00_19_Setup.bin
$ ./dvsdk_3_10_00_19_Setup.bin
  • Download linux-davinci-staging.tar.gz kernel source from same SDK link given above.
  • Untar linux-davinci-staging.tar.gz to ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}/../linux (creates ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}/../linux/git)
$ mkdir ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}/../linux
$ cp linux-davinci-staging.tar.gz ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}/../linux
$ cd ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}/../linux
$ tar xzf linux-davinci-staging.tar.gz
  • Download u-boot-dm646x.tar.gz u-boot source from same SDK link given above.
  • Untar u-boot-dm646x.tar.gz to ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}/../u-boot (creates ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}/../u-boot/git)
$ mkdir ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}/../u-boot
$ cp u-boot-dm646x.tar.gz ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}/../u-boot
$ cd ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}/../u-boot
$ tar xzf u-boot-dm646x.tar.gz
  • Download latest (must be >= C6Run package from here and untar it to ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}
$ cp C6Run_0_94_04_05.tar.gz ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}/
$ tar xzf C6Run_0_94_04_05.tar.gz
  • Enter into the ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}/C6Run_0_94_04_05 directory
$ cd C6Run_0_94_04_05
  • Edit the Rules.mak file in the C6Run_0_94_04_05 top-level directory to point to the components that are included in the DVSDK top-level path. Also make sure the ARM cross-compiler location and the TI codegen install path is correct. The TI codegen tools will need to be downloaded and installed separately as they are not included in the SDK.

Also edit the code generation tools' paths

  • Edit the platforms/dm6467t/platform.mak to point to correct path for kernel and u-boot sources.
  • Configure C6Run for the dm6467t platform
$ make dm6467t_config
  • Run 'make uboot'. This builds the DM6467T u-boot image from the source (in ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}/../u-boot/git)
$ make uboot
  • Run 'make linux'. This builds the DM6467T linux kernel image from the source (in ${DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR}/../linux/git)
$ make linux
  • Run 'make everything'. This builds all the backend libraries used by C6Run as well as the kernel modules.
$ make everything
  • If you want to build the test cases and examples, run the following commands.
$ source
$ make examples
$ make tests
  • At this point, all required components are built. The linux kernel and the u-boot binary image are located in platforms/dm6467t/. If you want the kernel modules, loadmodules scripts, and the example and test applications copied to the target filesystem you can run 'make install_programs' as follows:
$ make INSTALL_DIR=<insert the path to the target file system here> install_programs

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