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Using TivaWare and ControlSUITE with Linux CCS

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Some software packages such as TivaWare (for Tiva C) and ControlSUITE (for C2000) are not officially supported on Linux operating system, however, it is still possible to install them, browse examples in TI Resource Explorer, and import, build and debug projects.



TivaWare does not have a separate installer for Linux operating system, but you can install using one of these two methods:

  • Download the Windows executable installer, change the file extension from .exe to .zip and extract in Linux, or
  • Install TivaWare on Windows and copy over the entire TivaWare folder to the Linux machine


ControlSuite is currently not supported on Linux operating system, and does not have a Linux installer, but you can install using one of these methods:

  • Follow the instructions here for installing controlSUITE under Linux (with limited support) using Wine, or
  • Install ControlSuite on Windows and copy over the entire ControlSuite folder to the Linux machine

Resource Explorer

Once TivaWare or ControlSUITE has been installed/copied over to the Linux machine, the CCS examples can be accessed and imported via Resource Explorer. Resource Explorer must first be made to detect the software package. To do this,

  • In Resource Explorer home page, click on Configure Resource Explorer to discover examples, documentation and generates a resource package

  • Click on Add and browse to the directory where TivaWare or ControlSuite is installed

  • Click OK and OK

At this point you should be able to access the CCS example projects through Resource Explorer.

Importing Projects

TivaWare and ControlSUITE example projects can be imported in one of two ways:

  • CCS menu Project->Import CCS Projects, and browse to the project directory, or
  • Expand to the project in TI Resource Explorer and import by clicking on Import the example project into CCS

Note that using Resource Explorer to import projects automatically "copies" the project to the workspace.

Known Issues

  • There is a bug in CCS 6.0.1 where linked resources may not be imported correctly. This will cause the build to fail with undefined symbols. This can impact both ControlSUITE and TivaWare examples.
    The reason for the failure is that linked resources are not properly migrated to the imported project. If you hit such errors, the workaround is to open the original .project file and copy the section between the <linkedResources> tags into the .project file in your workspace. Please see these threads for more details.
    This issue is fixed in CCS 6.1.0.
  • The ControlSUITE examples may result in compile errors due to upper/lowercase letters on file names. The reason is that, differently than Windows, Linux differentiates between capitalization in file names. If you hit these errors, they can be fixed by:
    • adjusting the #include directives in the source and header files so they match up exactly with the file name.
    • adjusting any Path or Build variables so the paths to linked resources and paths to include files and libraries match up correctly with the original path in terms of upper/lowercase.