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[Visual Solutions] has been developing model based design tools for over 20 years. VisSim/Embedded Controls Developer software is used to speed embedded systems development for DSPs and microcontrollers. Used in industrial, motor control, and power applications, over 250,000 licenses have been shipped to date. Visual Solutions is committed to speeding the process of embedded application development.

VisSim/ECD With Piccolo

VisSim extends support for VisSim/ECD to include the new Piccolo F2806x microcontroller series! Piccolo F2806x evaluation tools now feature a full version of VisSim/ Embedded Controls Developer v8.0 free for two months after activation:

F2806x controlSTICK
F2806x Experimenter’s Kit

For more information on VisSim/ECD with piccolo, visit

Also,take a look at the FAQ for common questions about VisSim/ECD

Products and Services

VisSim/Embedded Control Developer

VisSim/Embedded Control Developer is model based development software for TI DSP and microprocessors. VisSim/ECD generates highly efficient code from intuitive block diagrams. VisSim's model based paradigm greatly speeds embedded systems development. The VisSim/ECD fixed point block set automatic converts floating point constants and operations to in-line integer operations. The peripheral block set auto generates code for on-chip peripherals. Generated code from VisSim comes within 5% of hand code speed and RAM usage.

Supported Targets include: MSP430, TMS320C2000, and TMS320C6000.

Key Features:

• Intuitive interface → system modeling within minutes

• Production-grade C code generator → automatically scales fixed-point operations

• Easy drop down menus → guide efficient, interrupt-driven code for all on-chip peripherals

• Simulation feature → verify, debug and tune algorithms while viewing results in graphical plots

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VisSim/Serial lets you read and write standard RS232 serial bytes from the VisSim block diagram via Serial read/write blocks. VisSim/Serial lets you configure serial port settings including baud rate, parity and stop bits. You can also choose whether you want to read single characters or complete strings. You can use Serial blocks for remote sensing, data exchange or remote control. You can easily log data, plot, strip-chart or run a virtual plant or controller for model based development.

Key Features:

• Low cost and reliable - uses existing serial ports on PC

• Fully configurable for data rate, stop bits, parity, data type, and more


VisSim/CAN connects the low-cost PCAN USB-CAN device (purchased separately) to the VisSim block diagram via receive/transmit blocks. VisSim/CAN gives you a low cost Controller Area Network (CAN) development interface. You can easily log data, plot, strip-chart or run a virtual plant or controller for model based development. Configuration is done completely through blocks and dialogs.

Key Features:

• Low cost, reliable, convenient – powered entirely by the USB connection

• Fully configurable, user selectable data types