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What can Vissim/Embedded Controls Developer do?

VisSim/ECD is a visual block diagram language for model based development. This means you drag and drop blocks into the work space and connect them with the mouse to create algorithms. The resulting diagrams can be simulated directly and used to generate C code for embedded execution. Because you can simulate at a high system level, you can rapidly debug and tune your application on the PC before you ever generate code for the target.

Does VisSim have access to all aspects and pins of every C2000 device?

Yes! VisSim can be used for simulating and programming all peripherals of the C2000 device. All input/output pins are configurable with VisSim.

Do I need to know C/C++ at all to use VisSim/ECD?

No, there is no need to know or use C when you use VisSim for embedded development. VisSim automatically generates the C code, compiles and links it to an executable image. It even will download the image to the target for execution.

How do I debug my application?

You don’t set breakpoints. You create a source code diagram and a debug diagram. You create the target executable (.out file) from the source diagram, and use the targetInterface block to download the .out file and interactively communicate via the JTAG HotLink to send values to your embedded algorithm and receive them back, allowing you to make interactive changes in your target algorithms and interactively plot results in VisSim. VisSim even has on-chip buffering of user triggered data and PC based digital scope display for system level debugging.

Does VisSim/ECD have everything I need to compile and download to the target?

VisSim/ECD is a bundle of all the VisSim addons you will need to develop for a particular target family. It includes the C code generator, target support, fixed point block set, JTAG Hotlink interface and the TI motor control block set. All you will need to add is a C compiler. For C2000, you will need to have Code Composer Studio(CCS) installed. You can download CCSv4 here:

What other microcontrollers do VisSim support?

VisSim supports a wide range of TI products, including MSP430, C2000, C67xx, and C541x

There’s usually a code efficiency hit with such graphical programming tools. How does VisSim fare?

VisSim’s C-code generator efficiency is within 5% of expert hand code. Using VisSim is like have a C2000 embedded C expert on staff!

What blocksets or libraries come with VisSim/ECD?

VisSim blocks cover standard Boolean and arithmetic operations, 1 2 and 3D table lookup, transcendentals like sin,cos,atan2,ln,exp,pow transfer functions, digital filter design, PI, PID, parameter optimization, 2D and 3D plotting, digital scopes, buttons and sliders, matrix operations, circular buffering, FFT, PSD, inverse, cross product, digital motor control like Park and Clarke transforms, space vector wave form generation, sliding mode observer rotor position estimator.

Can I use an RTOS with VisSim?

VisSim supplies its own RTOS, but it has an option to generate code to support a foreign RTOS like DSP/BIOS.

How much does VisSim cost?

As little as $400 for a block limited academic seat, to $14,000 for a full unlimited commercial seat.

Where can I learn more?

Is VisSim a Flash programmer as well?

No, you must use CCS flash tool to perform the flash operation, but you can generate flashable images my making a single check box in the code gen dialog.