WL18xxMOD Certificates

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The following links contain the Official Regulatory and Bluetooth® SIG certificates for TI Wilink 8 modules.

Regulatory Certification

Certification\Module flavor WL1835MOD/WL1831MOD/WL1805MOD/WL1801MOD WL1835MOD C2PC WL1837MOD/WL1807MOD
FCC WL1835MODGB FCC Certification WL1835MODGB FCC A Certification
WL1835MODGB FCC B Certification
WL1837MODGI FCC Certification
IC WL1835MODGB IC Certification WL1835MODGB C2PC IC Certification WL1837MODGI IC Certification
ETSI/CE WL1835MODGB ETSI Declaration of Conformity WL18MODGB ETSI Declaration of Conformity WL18MODGI ETSI Declaration of Conformity
Japan MIC WL1835MODGB MIC Certification WL1835MODGB C2PC MIC Certification WL1837MODGI MIC Certification

NOTE: WL1835MOD/WL1837MOD are full capability version modules, super-set for rest of the versions.

  • WL1835MOD includes WL1831MOD,WL1805MOD,WL1801MOD
  • WL1837MOD includes WL1807MOD

Bluetooth SIG Certifications