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Wiki Format Standardization

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In order to standardize Wiki pages, here are some Wiki tips and formatting guidlines.

Creating a New Account

To create a new account for the TI Processor Wiki, one must first open a page. For example, one can use the link "". Then, simply click on the "Log in / create account" link on the top right corner of the wiki page.


Now select the "Create an Account" link and begin filling out your information. Remember to use your TI email.

Create account.jpg

After submitting your account information, you will receive a verification email. You must verify your email before you can start editing any Wiki pages.

Creating a New Page

Once you have created an account and are logged in, you can begin creating or editing Wiki pages. To create a new page, simply type in a desired page title name in the search bar and click "Go". If your desired page name is unique, then you will be able to create a new page using that name. As an example, I typed in "Sample Page" as my new page name.

New page.jpg

If your page name is in fact unique, you should see a search result page with a "Create the page" option. Click on the title name to create the new page. In the case of using "Sample Page", one would click on the "Sample Page" link.

Sample page.jpg

Now you can begin creating your own Wiki page. A new page editor should look like:

Page editor.jpg

It is suggested that you click "Save page" at the bottom of the Wiki Edit page on a periodic basis to make sure you don't loss any information. If you ever leave the editor page, you can always go back to the editor by selecting the "Edit" tab on the page that you want to edit.


Some Basic Tools

Creating Sections

We often like to divide our Wiki pages into different sections or categories. One can create main section titles by using this syntax:

= Creating a New Account =

This will create a section title like the "Creating a New Account" header that you see at the top of this page.

To create a secondary header such as the "Creating Sections" header on this page, use this syntax:

== Creating Sections ==

Creating Lists

There are two popular list options that users can choose to use on their Wiki pages.

To make a list using bullet points, put a * in front of each line.


  • A
  • B
  • C

To make a list using numbers, put a # in front of each line.


  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three

Attaching Images

To attach an image onto your Wiki page, you must first upload the image. The "Upload file" link can be found on the left side under "Toolbox".

Upload file.jpg

Click on "Browse" to find your image file. Once you've selected your image, a Destination filename will appear. Copy and paste the Destination filename, as you will need it to attach your file. Then, click on "Upload file".


After you've uploaded the image onto the system, you can attach it anywhere on your page. When you want to attach the image, use this syntax:


In this example, "Sample.jpg" was the Destination filename. Use the same syntax to attach any image, just change the filename. The image will appear at the location where the code is entered.

Wiki Naming

When naming the Wiki, be sure to follow the guidelines:

  1. Include the word "MAVRK" in the title of each page
  2. Include the name of key component
  3. If TI offers it, the title must end in '-MVK'.

3. Names of images need to be named in the same way as the component.

Wiki Formatting

When formatting a MAVRK Wiki page, please follow these guidelines

  • It is recommended that a page be "Under Construction" if it is still being worked on and has not been finalized. To add, type 'Under Construction' with '{{' before and after. The following will then appear on the page.
Construction Icon small.png This page is currently under construction. The content of this page is due to change quite frequently and thus the quality and accuracy are not guaranteed until this message has been removed. Please feel free to contribute to this page while construction is in progress.

  • Include the MAVRK Logo Banner on the next line using the template shown below. To add, type 'MAVRK Banner' with '{{' before and after. The following will then appear on the page.
MAVRK Banner.png

MAVRK is no longer an active TI evaluation platform. Please contact TI application support if you need further information on TI products or support.

  • If the page is ready for prime time, include the "Active" template instead of the "Under Construction" template. To add, type 'Active' with '{{' before and after. The following will then appear on the page.

This page is up to date and active. Please feel free to contribute or make improvements.

  • When a TI component is references, link to the page or Data Sheet as applicable.
  • Include the "MAVRK Important Notices" at the bottom of all saleable MAVRK Module Wiki. To add, type 'MAVRK Important Notices' with '{{' before and after.

Use 'Heading 1' for Each Section

For each section, use the "Heading 1" format. If using rich editor, 'Heading 1' can be found in the Format pulldown box. If not using rich editor, type '=' before and after the section title, for example '=Programming the MSP430F5438='.


Link the Page to the Appropriate Category

Adding categories and subcategories to a page are done the same way. In this example, instead of inserting 'MAVRK', type in the correct subcategory.

 Link the page to the category it belongs under by using brackets before and after 'Category:"Category"'. For example:

The category will be located on the bottom of the page, as seen below:


Questions and Comments Section

Add a "Questions and Comments" section at the end of the page. In order to add a link to a specific E2E Community page, insert the link followed by the name of the link to appear on the page, with '[' before and after. For example:

  The link will show up as seen below: