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WinCE6.0 on OMAP35x EVM

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3D graphics


The OMAP3 EVM embeds an SGX530 Imagination core for accelerating the 3D graphics. The following APIs are supported:

  • OpenGL ES1.0
  • OpenGL ES2.0
  • OpenVG 1.1

Silverlight support

With the annoucement of WinCE6.0 R3 adding a GPU plugin and Silverlight, your platform will be able to fully take advantage of the graphic processor when using Silverlight in applications. The current BSP6.12.03 isn't officially released against R3 and as a consequence needs a few tweaks to benefit from the latest Microsoft Silverlight offering:

  1. Make sure the libEGL.dll, libGLESv2.dll, and libGLESv1_cm.dll libraries from Imagination PowerVR drivers are in your %_WINCEROOT%\platform\TI_EVM_3530\Files folder. Otherwise, the default emulated libraries from the OS can be replaced the accelerated ones.
  2. In your build environment variables, make sure you have the three following variables set to 1: BSP_XRPLUGIN_OPENGL, SYSGEN_XAML_RUNTIME and SYSGEN_SAMPLEXAMLPERF
  3. You are now ready to develop any Silverlight application or simply test with the XAML exemple.

Silverlight Performance

You'll find the XAMLPERF demos to run at ~30fps running on the SGX530 versus less than 10fps for some demos using the emulated Microsoft WinCE6.0 R3 libraries.