WinCE BSP ARM-A8 Known Limitations

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This article describes known issues in ARM-A8 WINCE BSP that is beyond the scope of BSP software - ex: issues due to h/w conflict or known issues in WinCE native kernel.

BSP Limitations related to Hardware

This section lists issues in the ARM-A8 WinCE BSP due to TI EVM limitations. If a particular feature listed below is desired, then customers can modify their board design accordingly.

  • SDOCM00073563 - write protection is not working on slot 2 (AM3517). GPIO 176 is used by SDHC2 for its WP detect. This is also used by LCD module for PANEL_POWER. In case of LCD, this GPIO should be configured as output but for SDHC2, this should be configured as input. Its becasue of this pin mux conflict, WP is disabled for SDHC2. To enable the write protection, PAD configuration(bsp_padcfg.h) for MCSPI_CS2 needs to be added in MMC2_PADS and “CardWPGPIO” for slot 2 needs to be set in sdhc.reg.
  • SDOCM00074846 - warm reboot doesnt work when booting from SD card on AM3517. One would need to mod the board to achieve the right SYS_BOOT sequence to boot from MMC1 for warm boot.
  • SDOCM00075349 - CEStress fails on DM3730 after about 30 minutes - device is inactive. Issue appears to be an EVM issue as some boards work fine and some don't.
  • SDOCM00075381 - Prefetch abort error (or application hangs otherwise) on omap35xx after watchdog timer times out and app is coming up. Issue appears to be an EVM issue as some boards work fine & some don't.
  • SDOCM00076091 - Voltage drop on VDD2 for most of OPPs is not correct. The reading is much higher than expected. Again EVM limitation.
  • SDOCM00070568 - NOR XLDR doesn't boot (AM3517). The NAND_nCS line comes from the application board to the SOM and is equivalent to GPMC_nCS2 when BOOT_SRC is set properly. The problem is that the boot rom code does not setup GPMC_nCS2 and leaves the pad unused (it acts as unconnected) and therefore the presence of the application board or its absence doesn’t change the behavior of this line during the boot rom code execution. As a result, accessing CS0 still accesses the NAND (and actually the NOR in parallel) and returns invalid data.
  • SDOCM00073565 - Cannot test low voltage MMC cards (AM3517). In order to test the lower voltage cards, you will have to move the R220 to R221 to switch the SD slot to the 1.8 V rail instead of the 3.3V rail. You will then have to change the slot's voltage capabilities flag to add the 1.8 V range to it.
  • SDOCM00075958 - Verify Get NLED Count fail on dm3730. EVM limitation. NLED driver for AM/DM37x is disabled. The Pinmux for PROC_ACT LED GPIO (GPIO8) conflicts with DSS_data23 on DM3730.
  • SDOCM00078379 - BCH 4bit ECC does not work on OMAP3530 , AM/DM 3730 PG1.0 and AM3517 PG1.0. Chip limitation. The issue is fixed in chip version  AM/DM3730 PG1.1 and AM3517 PG1.1. OMAP3530 chip does not have the fix.
  • SDOCM00076456 - Video encode performance using capturetest app on omap3530 is lower than dm3730. Performance is expected to be lower on omap3530. This IR documents the information along with some numbers in comparison with performance on dm3730. Scenario: Codec H264 BitRate 4000000bps Resolution 720x480@30 Output written to RAM, VideoInput is AV
  • AM35X SD/MMC 2 - SD/MMC slot 2 can not be recognized on some AM3517 EVM. Signals of MMC2 are conflicting with wireless module.
  • DISPLAY ROTATION - In DVI mode, when desktop is rotated by 90 degrees, multimedia playout cause corrupted video and audio playout
  • VIDEO INPUT - AM35x only. By default, BSP 01.02.00 and later can only work with App board revision 1015189 and later whereas BSP 01.01.00 and earlier versions of BSP can work with old App board revisions only. To change this default behavior, see Video Input Driver section in BSP ARM A8 User Guide.
  • COLD BOOT FROM SOFTWARE - Device power cannot be turned off from software due to an EVM limitation.
  • USB ID-PIN RUN TIME DETECTION - USBSS on AM387 cannot do run-time detection of the USB ID pin (dynamicaly switch between function and host). The J23 is being used to set the port 1 as a host.

BSP Limitations related to Microsoft WinCE Kernel

This section describes issues in ARM-A8 BSP due to bugs identified in either WinCE private kernel code and/or CETK test case.

  • SDOCM00068743 - Partition Driver Test - CETK - fails for test ID 5103 - R/W and bounds check disk partition data (CE6 only)
  • SDOCM00068741 - OAL Cache CETK test - OAL Data Cache Size Calculation test fails (test case ID 1008)
  • SDOCM00071488 - CETK:Storage Device Block Driver API Test - 4024 fail and Storage Block Driver Read/Write Test - Buffer Sizes: (8X) test fail. Tthe failure is due to a wrong error code (ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER) which is returned by the WINCE private FAL code and not the NAND FMD layer. (CE6 only)
  • SDOCM00072747 - Storage Block Driver Read/Write Test - Buffer Sizes: (8X) test fails - NANDFlash. (CE6 only)
  • SDOCM00081811 - OAL RTC Alarm Test fails on AM3517.Problem is investigated and the issue is CETK test code issue. "Day of week" value from the test is incorrect in some test cases. If one modifies RTC driver to ignore "day of week" value when setting Alarm for test purpose or corrects the code in \test\baseos\pqoal\cetk\timers\code\tuxrealtime.cpp, test case 1002 will pass.(WEC7 only)
  • BMQ - In WEC7 BSP, the BMQ performance for Integer and Memory are lower than WinCE 6.0 BSP. These BMQ tests call rand() function in a loop and in WEC7, this function (including many other coredll function) is implemented differently and takes a little longer to execute than the WinCE 6.0 equivalent. Hence the drop in performance.(WEC7 only)
  • Qbench - All Qbench tests except for GDI released for WinCE 6.0 can be run on WEC 7 BSP. Qbench app has not been ported for WEC 7 and hence the GDI tests fail. (WEC7 only)

Other BSP Limitations

  • SDOCM00074296 - Capture driver supports only interlaced video input
  • SDOCM00078776 - BCH software decoder returns "-1" occasionally.
  • TV OUT - Surfaces greater than 800x600 in resolution cannot be displayed on TV output.
  • ISP RESIZER in DSS - When TV out is enabled, it is advisable to disable use of ISP resizer in display (DSS) driver (available as catalog entry).