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Windows 8 CCS

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Code Composer Studio v5.4 and later support Windows 8. While earlier versions do not officially support Windows 8 it is possible to get them working in this environment. There are a few steps that you need to go through as well as some known issues.

Known Issues

  • The CCS installation package is not signed by the publisher and Windows 8 doesn't like this so you get a few dialogs that you have to work through which is covered below.
  • With CCSv5.1.1 the KeyStone device support package installation will hang. This only occurs if you choose to install C6000 multicore support. This did not occur when trying CCSv5.2.0.
  • A Microsoft redistributable package fails to install. The installation procedure below covers how to workaround this.
  • Installation might need to be done in Windows 7 compatibility mode

Installation Sequence

When running the installer the first thing that happens is that your windows desktop disables and you get a blue bar running across it letting you know that Windows has protected you from this nasty thing that you tried to run.

Windows8 1.png

If you then click on the More info link it will allow you to proceed anyway.  It seems to be complaining because it cannot determine the publisher of our installer.

Windows8 2.png

User access control then kicks in and decides that it should warn you as well.  Not much we can do about this one but if the publisher was known then at least it would state that the installer is coming from Texas Instruments.

Windows8 3.jpg

Finally CCS correctly determines that it does not recognize your operating system as one that it supports and warns you.  Once we support Windows 8 we need to have this not show up.

Windows8 4.png

Once the installation has completed you will need to manually install one of the Microsoft redistributable packages. Go to the folder that contains the installation image (i.e. the extracted zip). Browse to the /CCS5.x.x.xxxxxx_win32/baserepo folder (the x's will be the version that you are installing). Run the vcredist_x86.exe installation package.