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Stellaris LaunchPad Resources


Note that most tutorials below are based on Code Composer Studio unless otherwise noted.

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  • The Getting Started with the EK-LM4F120XL Workshop is a free, online, in-depth, hands-on workshop based on the Stellaris LaunchPad kit. [1]. You can attend a live version of this workshop taught by an experienced Texas Instruments instructor. Sign up here.


Stellaris LaunchPad with CCS and Linux

Rickta with some help from the TI forums found a way to get the Stellaris LaunchPad debugging in Linux with Code Composer Studio. This is unofficial and unsupported at the moment. OpenOCD is working on a LaunchPad solution that will open up debug level development with GDB and GNU tools.

Library for the TM1638 7 segment display

Here's a project for using the Stellaris Launchpad with a TM1638 which is a nice little 7 segment display.
It uses this library I've just written.

Stellaris LM4F120 LaunchPad debug-in and debug-out

How to debug the LaunchPad's LM4F120H5QR target processor with an external debugger and how to use the on board debugger to debug an off board target.


TI RTOS is real-time operating system for TI’s Stellaris and Concerto microcontrollers. It combines a real-time multitasking kernel with additional middleware components including TCP/IP and USB stacks, a FAT file system, and device drivers, enabling developers to focus on differentiating their application. TI-RTOS builds on existing proven software components such as SYSBIOS, Stellarisware, and ControlSUITE to ensure reliability and quality. It augments these with documentation, additional examples and APIs appropriate for multitasking development and integration testing to verify that all components work together. TI-RTOS is provided with full source code and requires no up-front or runtime license fees. TI-RTOS is fully tested with the Code Composer Studio™ Interactive Development Environment (CCStudio IDE) v5.2 and above.

EuphonistiHack's Graphic Equalizer Display

The Writeup
The Secret Sauce (Source Code) and how to use the sauce.

PWM tutorial for Stellaris LaunchPad

The Launchpad does not have dedicated PWM units, but the six timers can each be used to generate PWM signals on several of the pins. However, it requires some additional configuration and considerations over normal timer usage. I've (Joonas Pihlajamaa) written a easy-to-follow tutorial at Code and Life blog for the PWM: Code and Life Launchpad PWM Tutorial