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AM18x Connectivity Calibration

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Performing WLAN RF Calibration

the first time were the EVM35xx and the WL1271 daughterboard is being used, the TX Bit procedure have to be done, it will create an nvs_map.bin file that containes the specifc WL1271 daughterboard calibration parameters.
follow the steps to perform the Tx BIP procedure:
1. in case there is no Antenna connect a 50 Ohm termination on the RF connector.
2. Download the WLAN driver and bring up the CLI
3. Wake up the device by typing the folowing command in the CLI

/ w p 1 l 2 f 2 

4. Run the following TX BIP commands:

/ t r h 0 7 
/ t b b 375 128 0 
/ t b t 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

5. reset the Board after NVS FILE generation is completed.

Modify the MAC address

the MAC address is stored in the NVS file, and for that reason after generating a calibration then the MAC address have to be updated as well, otherwise it will get a default value.

Step to modify the MAC address will be as follows:

  1. Create the nvs_map.bin file (that only once)
  2. Upload the nvs_map.bin file from the EVM to a PC via tftp protocol,
  3. Edit the MAC address portion in the nvs_map.bin file
  4. Return the modified nvs_map.bin file from the PC back to the EVM
  5. Reboot the EVM and start working with new wirless MAC address

follow the steps below to modify the MAC address:
Upload the nvs file from the EVM to the PC

  • Open the TFTP server on the PC
  • type the folowing command in the EVM screen
tftp -p <IP address of PC> -l <file to load from EVM to PC>
tftp -p -l nvs_map.bin

Edit the nvs_map.bin file using any editor that can edit binary file
the nvs_map.bin file looks like the following:

Nvs map bin file.jpg

the MAC address feild in the nvs_map.bin is defined as follows:

nvs_map.bin address offset MAC address
0x3 - 0x6 Local station MAC address LSB
0xA - 0xD Local station MAC address MSB

The MAC LSB and MSB MAC address respectivally defined in the first line (offset 000000) of the nvs_map.bin as followes:
000000 01 6D 54 66 66 32 28 01 71 54 00 08 00 00 00 00

in that example the MAC address is as follows:

  • the MSB part of the MAC address is: 00 00 80 00
  • the LSB part of the MAC address is: 28 32 66 66

the way to verify that the MAC address had change correctly can be achived by connecting the EVM to an AP and to verify the connection Status as folowes:

\> Driver/, Connection/, Management/, Show/, Privacy/, scAn/, roaminG/, qOs/, po
Wer/, eVents/, Bt coexsistance/, Report/, dEbug/, biT/, aboUt, Quit
.../Connection> Bssid_list, Connect, Disassociate, Status, Full_bssid_list, wPs/
Status   : running
MAC      :
SSID     : s_ap
BSSID    :
Channel  : 1

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