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AM335x-PSP Release Notes

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Content is no longer maintained and is being kept for reference only!

AM335x-PSP Release Notes
Linux PSP

AM335x PSP

Content is no longer maintained and is being kept for reference only!

Release Notes

Release Date:  March 26, 2012

Read This First

The kernel sources packaged in this release do not have the required PM firmware binary already copied in the firmware/ folder of the kernel sources. Due to this building the kernel using the default kernel configuration will fail with this error:

 MK_FW   firmware/am335x-pm-firmware.bin.gen.S
make[2]: *** No rule to make target `firmware/am335x-pm-firmware.bin', needed by `firmware/am335x-pm-firmware.bin.gen.o'.  Stop.
make[1]: *** [firmware] Error 2
make: *** [uImage] Error 2

To resolve this, after you untar the kernel sources, copy the firmware binary into the firmware/ folder of kernel sources

$ cd <topdir>/AM335X-LINUX-PSP-
$ tar xf pm-firmware-
$ cp pm-firmware- ../../src/kernel/linux-

Then, continue with the kernel build procedure as documented in User's Guide. This issue will be resolved with the next release.


This is Release of AM335x Linux PSP. This release supports BeagleBoard Bone and AM335x Evaluation Module version 1.1A and above.

The Linux PSP serves to provide a fundamental software platform for development, deployment and execution of Linux based applications on Texas Instruments silicon. The Linux kernel and U-Boot software in this release are based on the following open source repositories:

Component Version Base Repository Base Tag (or commit id)
Linux Kernel v3.2;a=summary 6489f6de3a219dfd23a91261eea1b09fba7ae128
U-Boot 2011.09;a=summary v2011.09

The code base for Linux kernel, U-Boot and power management firmware included in this release is hosted at the following repositories:

Component Repository & Branch Release Tag
Linux Kernel;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/AM335XPSP_04.06.00.07
(The kernel obtained directly from the above repository needs PM firmware to build when building using default configuration. Link to PM firmware repository containing the firmware binary is available below in this table. Copy the firmware binary .bin file into the firmware/ folder of the kernel sources)
U-Boot;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/AM335XPSP_04.06.00.07 v2011.09_AM335xPSP_04.06.00.07
Power Management Firmware;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/AM335XPSP_04.06.00.07 AM335xPSP_04.06.00.07

Obtaining the Release Package

The PSP release package can be obtained from TI's Technology and Software Publicly Available (TSPA) download site.


Tool/Component Description Release Version Required for
Code Composer Studio (CCS) IDE and ARM compiler Building CCS based flash writers
Arago Toolchain GCC ARM cross compiler 2011.09 (GCC 4.5.3) Building Linux kernel, U-Boot, Linux examples
Filesystem Target filesystem NA Linux boot


The User's Guide provides instructions on how to use the PSP Release package.

The AM335x-PSP Features and Performance Guide provides information on various device driver features and provides performance numbers.

What's Supported

The Linux PSP package supports the following components:

  • SPL and U-Boot supporting NAND and MMC/SD boot modes
  • Linux Kernel v3.2 and device drivers

Linux support for various devices on EVM (Rev 1.1A)
Peripheral Instance Support Status
UART UART0 Supported.
UART1 Supported in SDK using Bluetooth module
UART2 Supported
UART3 Planned
UART4 Planned
UART5 Planned
Ethernet Switch CPSW0 Supported. Some advanced features are planned, please see features and performance guide for missing features.
SPI SPI0 Supported
SPI1 Not available in EVM
I2C I2C0 Supported
I2C1 Supported
McASP McASP0 Not available in EVM
McASP1 Supported
DCAN DCAN0 Not available in EVM
DCAN1 Supported
EDMA EDMA0 Supported
Timer Timer0 Not Tested (Not used in Linux)
Timer1 Supported (Schedule Tick)
Timer2 Supported (Clocksource)
Timer3 Not Tested (Not used in Linux)
Timer4 Not Tested (Not used in Linux)
Timer5 Supported (CPSW Interrupt pacing)
Timer6 Supported (CPSW Interrupt pacing)
Timer7 Not Tested (Not used in Linux)
Watchdog timer Supported
RTC RTC0 Supported
ePWM eHRPWM0 Not available in EVM
eHRPWM1 Not available in EVM
eHRPWM2 Supported (used by Haptics module on EVM)
eQEP0 Not available in EVM
eQEP1 Not available in EVM
eQEP2 Not available in EVM
eCAP0 Supported in PWM mode (APWM), used as LCD backlight control. Capture mode not supported.
eCAP1 Not available in EVM
eCAP2 Not available in EVM
Touchscreen/ADC TSCADC0 Touchscreen supported, Raw ADC not supported.
MMC/SD MMC/SD0 Supported
MMC/SD1 Supported (Profile 2)
MMC/SD2 Not available in EVM
GPIO GPIO0 Supported
GPIO1 Supported
GPIO2 Supported
GPIO3 Tested using WLAN/Bluetooth in SDK
USB USB0 Supported
USB1 Supported
GPMC GPMC0 NAND is Supported, NOR is planned.
LCD Controller LCDC0 GLCD is supported, Character LCD is not supported in EVM

Linux support for EVM (Rev 1.1A and above) specific components
Peripheral Support Status
Accelerometer Supported
Ambient Light Sensor Supported
Temperature Sensor Supported
Haptics Supported
GPIO keypad Supported

Linux support for various IPs on BeagleBone (Rev A3)
Peripheral Support Status
UART0 Supported.
Ethernet Switch Supported. Some advanced features are planned, please see features and performance guide for missing features.
MMC/SD0 Supported.
USB0 Supported.
USB1 Supported.

Other Linux Features
Feature Support Status
Power Management (CPU Idle) Supported
Power Management (CPU Freq) Supported
Power Management (Suspend-to-RAM) Supported

  • CCS based NAND flash writers.
  • Linux examples.

The PSP package also includes:

  • Pre-built binaries for U-Boot, Linux kernel, flash writers and examples
  • Relevant Documents

New in this Release

  • Suspend-to-RAM support

Fixed in this Release

This section lists issues fixed in this release:

Issue Identifier
Issue Headline
SDOCM00085673 USB File storage gadget: instability when pendrive connected to host port exposed as storage media from gadget port to PC
SDOCM00085737 After soft reboot, dhcp or tftp sometimes timeout in uboot
SDOCM00087173 AM335x: MassStorageGadget: Issues when MMC card is used as storage media or gadget port
SDOCM00089687 Regulator is not set for mmc1 in profile 2
SDOCM00089790 AM335x: McASP 0 AXR3 Pin mux-mode details not as per pin-mux sheets

Known Issues

This section lists known issues in this release.

Base Port

This section notes issues with U-Boot and basic kernel board support.

Issue Identifier
Issue Headline
Known Workaround(s)
SDOCM00085443 WDT1 timeout inaccurate. None
SDOCM00086716 HWMOD warnings upon doing WDT file operations The warning is harmless and can be ignored.
SDOCM00086508 U-Boot doesn't work when profile switch is set to 3 None
SDOCM00089686 U-Boot does not support booting from MMC/SD1 Please use MMC/SD0 for booting
SDOCM00085737 After soft reboot, dhcp or tftp sometimes timeout in U-Boot. Power cycle the board (hard reboot).
SDOCM00091114 AM335x: Mux - debugfs provides wrong value. None.

Power Management

Issue Identifier
Issue Headline
Known Workaround(s)
SDOCM00087097 cpu_idle reports wrong power consumption numbers for WFI and DDR SR states None
SDOCM00089584 cpufreq: Unable to change OPP in AM335x evm This issue is because of misbehavior of I2C client contained inside the CPLD on the EVM. BeagleBone can be used to test CPUFreq on AM335x. BeagleBone does not have a CPLD and does not suffer from the same limitation as the EVM.
SDOCM00090470 Suspend/Resume during MMC/SD write using dd with large block size write causes the file write to not complete Please use "sync" command before suspending to avoid losing data. Also, please use small block size (eg 512/1024 bytes) for transfer if there is chance of system going to suspend while transfer is going on.
SDOCM00090946 Sometimes suspend attempt may be aborted if there is an ongoing MMC/SD transfer while suspend is attempted. User should re-attempt the suspend command.
SDOCM00090689 AM335x: USB: aplay/arecord exit with error if system is suspended while playback/recording is ongoing This issue is because of limitation of USB audio stack in Linux and can be observed on a PC too. Please wait for USB audio to finish before suspending or alternately, retry the audio operation after resume completes.
SDOCM00090962 Resume operation fails on some beaglebone boards On the boards which exhibit this issue, the behavior is pretty consistent. On boards which do not exhibit this issue, the issue never comes up even in extended testing. There is no known workaround for the failing boards.
SDOCM00090692 USB: IO Error observed when copying files from USB device to another USB device connected to the same port with suspend/resume operation. None.
SDOCM00091071 AM335x: Suspend-to-RAM does not reduce core voltage None.
SDOCM00091498 AM335x: cpuidle C2 state is not entered None.
SDOCM00091330 AM335x: i2cdetect throw timeout errors and after that dut hangs after soft reboot On the EVMs where this issues comes up, i2c usage in suspend-resume via cpufreq should be avoided by disabling cpufreq in the kernel.


Issue Identifier
Issue Headline
Known Workaround(s)
SDOCM00085670 USB: NFS stops working when CDC/RNDIS gadget module is inserted with Arago FS None. This is being tracked as a filesystem issue.
SDOCM00085673 USB File storage gadget: instability when pendrive connected to host port exposed as storage media from gadget port to PC None
SDOCM00087173 USB: MassStorageGadget: Issues when MMC card is used as storage media or gadget port None
SDOCM00087229 USB: PIO mode read performance numbers are almost 50% less as compared to that of DMA mode read performance Use DMA mode of operation if performance is critical. There are some outstanding issues with DMA mode, please go through the rest of this table for information regarding them.
SDOCM00087342, , SDOCM00089599 USB: CPPI4.1 DMA locks up when CPU mode transfer is done in parallel to DMA transfer. Sometimes USB resets are seen. Use PIO mode when there is possibility of control transfer in parallel to DMA transfers. Such as when using WiFi and mass storage together or when connecting and disconnecting devices connected to a hub port when DMA transfers are active on another port. Please refer to USB User's Guide for detail on how to enable PIO mode.
SDOCM00089422 USB Wifi driver can not be initialized on AM335x EVM (works on BeagleBone) None
SDOCM00090690 AM335x-USB audio: Corrupted audio heard after pause. None
SDOCM00088841 USB capture: USB video capture is not working for 640x480 resolution and exits with the message "select timeout" Please use lower resolutions (320x240)
SDOCM00089374 USB: High cpu loading with CDC gadget when connected to another EVM or local loopback None
SDOCM00089782 USB command verifier (CV) test fails None


Issue Identifier
Issue Headline
Known Workaround(s)
SDOCM00085738 mmcsd write performance is very low when card is mounted as sync. It is highly recommended to use async mode for good MMC/SD performance
SDOCM00085770 MMC 8bit is not supported. None
SDOCM00085920 Beaglebone: multiple times of insert/remove mmc modules with R/W operation cause dut hanging Give a delay of 3 sec (# sleep 3s) between Module removal & Module insertion.
SDOCM00087204 EVM: write protection for mmc1 in daughter board doesn't work None
SDOCM00089663 SD card removal results in noise during ALSA playback/loopback None
SDOCM000090498 MMC: hsmmc driver doesnt support 1.8v MMC cards None
SDOCM00090756 MMC1: One SD card could not be used as rootfs when in slot1; The same card works in slot0 This issue happens with one card at the moment and needs further debug.
SDOCM00090970 MMC1 in profile 2: some SD or MMC cards cause DUT to hang None


Issue Identifier
Issue Headline
Known Workaround(s)
SDOCM00086033 Nand mtdtest oob test and subpage test fail. None
SDOCM00090530 Nand performance in this release is lower than the previous ( release. None


Issue Identifier
Issue Headline
Known Workaround(s)
SDOCM00086121 ALSA: Audio loopback prints error messages The warnings are harmless and can be ignored.
SDOCM00089719 ALSA audio capture-playback loopback fails when driver is built as module Please use ALSA as a driver built into the kernel and not as module
SDOCM00089663 SD card removal results in noise during ALSA playback/loopback None
SDOCM00088830 ALSA: arecord: Unable to capture audio at exact 24KHz sample rate None


Issue Identifier
Issue Headline
Known Workaround(s)
SDOCM00086213 Running ethtool doesnt provide complete information None
SDOCM00086066 Ethernet: MAC address configuration is not supported in kernel None
SDOCM00086717 EVM: NFS: arecord takes longer than expected time to record file to NFS filesystem None
SDOCM00085982 Beaglebone: UDP client performance at 100Mbps and the throughput is less than 1 Mbps None
SDOCM00090654 AM335x: Ethernet: Kernel crash and DUT hang observed when removing Ethernet module Please use ethernet driver as statically built into the kernel


Issue Identifier
Issue Headline
Known Workaround(s)
SDOCM00085586 UART: hardware flow control is not working This is an issue because of mis-configuration of CPLD present on EVM. The UART driver is expected to work correctly with flow-control. Bluetooth module on EVM used UART flow control successfully.


Issue Identifier
Issue Headline
Known Workaround(s)
SDOCM00087207 I2C controller timeout for some slave devices connected on i2c1 at 400KHz Operating at 100Khz does not cause these timeouts.


Issue Identifier
Issue Headline
Known Workaround(s)
SDOCM00091115 AM335X: HAPTICS doesn't work on all board revisions update CPLD to version 1.0E or later.

Installation and Usage

Please look for detailed installation and usage instructions in the AM335x PSP User's Guide

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

There are no known incompatibilities from previous release.

Technical Support and Product Updates

For further information or to report any problems, contact or

OMAP Linux Mailing List: