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AM335x-PSP Release Notes

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Content is no longer maintained and is being kept for reference only!

AM335x-PSP Release Notes
Linux PSP

AM335x PSP

Content is no longer maintained and is being kept for reference only!

Release Notes

Release Date:  March, 2012


This is Release of AM335x Linux PSP. This release supports:

The Linux PSP serves to provide a fundamental software platform for development, deployment and execution of Linux based applications on Texas Instruments silicon.

The Linux kernel and U-Boot software in this release are based on the following open source repositories:

Component Version Base Repository Base Tag (or commit id)
Linux Kernel v3.2;a=summary 931e7f0032c5113f82f7b59b29406d2e9eab1c48
U-Boot 2013.01;a=summary v2013.01

The code base for Linux kernel, U-Boot and power management firmware included in this release is hosted at the following repositories:

Component Repository & Branch Release Tag/Commit Id
Linux Kernel;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/v3.2-staging
(The kernel obtained directly from the above repository needs PM firmware to build when building using default configuration. Link to PM firmware repository containing the firmware binary is available below in this table. Copy the firmware binary .bin file into the firmware/ folder of the kernel sources)
U-Boot v2013.01.01_amsdk-
Power Management Firmware;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/master AM335xPSP_04.06.00.10-rc1


Tool/Component Description Release Version Required for
Code Composer Studio (CCS) IDE and ARM compiler Building CCS based flash writers
Arago Toolchain GCC ARM cross compiler 2011.09 (GCC 4.5.3) Building Linux kernel, U-Boot, Linux examples
Filesystem Target filesystem NA Linux boot

What's Supported:

Refer to the What's Supported section from AM335x-PSP Release Notes for a complete list of What's Supported in this PSP.

New in this Release:

  • ADC: Continuous mode of operation support
    • SW buffer management supporting multiple channels in continous mode
    • Handling of over-flow and under-flow errors
    • Standard Sample application (without trigger support) is funtional now.
    • Usage Guide updated for newly added continuous mode support
  • PM: Standby low power mode support
    • Wakeup is supported only through GPIO pad configuration
    • New debugfs interface is provided to the user in order to configure respective pad into GPIO mode (along with PU/PD and rising/falling edge options)
    • Tested/Supported only on GP EVM (PG1.0 and PG2.0)
    • Optimization on few selective drivers for suspend/resume time
      • USB: Reducing ~200msec latency
      • LCD: Reducing ~15msec latency
      • McASP: Reducing ~5msec latency
    • IO pad optimization configuration support through Debugfs
      • Please refer to the power Management User Guide for more reference
    • LCDC: Dynamic configuration of LCD timings parameters via "fbset" command
  • Support for PG 2.0

Fixed in this Release

  • ADC:
    • Fix for wrong first sample from ADC driver
    • SDOCM00091208: TSC: shut down ADC in deep sleep if TSC wake is not required.
  • USB:
    • SDOCM00089374 - AM335x: USB: High cpu loading with CDC gagdet when connected to another EVM or local loopback
    • SDOCM00096503 - USB: MUSB driver completes the URBs out of sequence when an error occurs (Ne/Ce IR)
    • SDOCM00094810 - [AM335x][USB] Segmentation fault observed on removal of ti81xx.ko module
    • SDOCM00096712 - AM335x: MUSB in Fullspeed device mode fails to communicate with Host when CPPI DMA disabled - check (may have fix).
    • SDOCM00097561 - [AM335x] USB : EVM enumerated as Fullspeed device if the EVM is booted with cable connected between EVM and Linux PC
    • SDOCM00098428 - [AM335x] USB: CPPI DMA TX packet corruption with g_webcam
    • SDOCM00098974 - USB: MUSB Console Hang after continuous suspend - resume (Resume using USB wake) from DS1 state (PG2.0)
  • CPSW: MDIO timeout fix under heavy load

Known Issues:

  • ADC: No trigger method supported.
  • PM: Standby:
    • RTC wakeup is not working
    • USB connect/Disconnect wakeup will not work, since we only support GPIO based wakeup and use MPU_WAKE patch and connect/disconnect goes via different patch through PHY_WAKE to CM3.
    • Ethernet wakeup is not tested, since ETH PHY wakeup signal is not connected to GPIO.
  • SDOCM00100099 DUT does not go into suspend state if USB DMA is enabled
  • SDOCM00099909 There is a mismatch between Uboot and kernel regarding SPi partition table
  • SDOCM00099830 suspend/resume long hour stress test failed
  • SDOCM00099761 DUT could not resume after long hours of standby/resume test
  • SDOCM00099624 Resume fails when dual_emac option is not enabled in config
  • SDOCM00099622 Audio/Video capture test results in uvcvideo: Failed to resubmit video URB (-1).
  • SDOCM00099621 USB reset events seen with simultaneous data and control traffic in PIO mode
  • SDOCM00099444 Internal ADC clock division check not required
  • SDOCM00099314 AM335X: USB: minor audio glitch/noise observed when new device inserted to one usbport while playing audio through other port
  • SDOCM00100316 USB Mouse HID event stops being a wakeup source if preceded by Mouse disconnect/connect wakeup source
  • SDOCM00100303 DUT does not go into suspend state when it is acting as USB MSC device

Not included in this Release:

Smart Reflex and 1 GHz Support for PG2.x


The User's Guide provides instructions on how to use the PSP Release package.

A new AM335x Features and Performance Guide can be found here.

Installation and Usage

Please look for detailed installation and usage instructions in the AM335x PSP User's Guide

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

There are no known incompatibilities from previous release.

Technical Support and Product Updates

For further information or to report any problems, contact or

OMAP Linux Mailing List: