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AM3517 On-line Workshop

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Content is no longer maintained and is being kept for reference only!

AM3517 One-day Workshop

This page contains all the materials necessary to present or take a self-paced review of Texas Instruments' AM3517 One-day Workshop (as developed by TI's Technical Training Organization.) For more information on live and self-paced training's available from Texas Instruments please visit the training webpage at

Recorded Lab and Lecture

To view recordings of the lecture sections as well as a lab walkthrough, use the following link:

Note that you may need to enable active-X controls in your web browser. You will also need Windows Media Player version 7 or later installed on your computer.

Workshop Files

  • Lab Setup (installation) guide
    • Download (updated 29 April 2010):
  • Lab Instructions
    • Download either PDF or DOC (updated 15 September 2010):

Hardware Requirements

Required Hardware

  • Laptop PC:
    • Must have at least 40 GB harddrive
    • Windows XP operating system installed
    • 1 RJ-45 Ethernet port
    • 1 USB (A-connector) port
    • Power supply
  • Logic PD Zoom AM3517 Experimenter Kit :
  • Ethernet Crossover Cable:
    • (Not included with Zoom Experimenter Kit)
  • USB A to B cable:
    • (Not included with Zoom Experimenter Kit)
    • Note this must be a full-size USB B type connector, not a mini-B connector
  • 2 GB SD Flash card:
    • (Not included with Zoom Experimenter Kit)

Highly Recommended Hardware

Optional Hardware

  • Powered USB Hub
    • Any model should work fine
    • Recommeded that ports support 500mA if webcam will be used
    • Required for USB Keyboard, Mouse and/or Webcam (Experimenter Kit does not provide sufficient current)
  • USB Keyboard
    • Must be connected through a Powered USB Hub
    • Any standard USB keyboard should work fine
  • USB Mouse
    • Must be connected through a Powered USB Hub
    • Any standard USB mouse should work fine
  • USB Webcam

Software Requirements & Setup


SD card

The setup for the target is based upon a 2 GB SD card.
The files found in the Ubuntu-x11-client VMware virtual machine image must be loaded to the card.
Lab Setup directions describe how to image the 2GB SD/MMC card.
The download link for the Ubuntu-x11-client VMware virtual machine is provided above in section Software Requirements - PC.