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ANDROID RN 3 01 00 03

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Content is no longer maintained and is being kept for reference only!

== Release Notes for Android release ==


Content is no longer maintained and is being kept for reference only!

This release includes the Android graphics drivers for the OMAP35x/AM35x/37xx family of chipsets. The Graphics SDK contains documentation, demo programs and tools.

Important Note:

AM/DM37x support is included for internal development only.

Requirements, Pre-requisites and demo instructions

For software setup and pre-requisites and other instructions, refer to the main pages at,


Features in this release

  • Support for SGX core revisions 1.2.5 (3730 ES5.0), 1.2.1 (3530 ES3.0), and 1.0.3 (3530 ES2.0)
  • Updated IMG DDK version 1.5, that has improved Vector Graphics performance

Kernel, Toolchain used for validation

  • Tested with Android 2.6.32 kernel - Eclair
  • Android toolchain - Eclair
  • Android filesystem - Eclair

What is supported

Khronos API support

  • OpenGL ES 1.1
  • OpenGL ES 2.0
  • OpenVG 1.1 (Using CPU for tessellation)
  • EGL
  • Limited 2D acceleration via PVR2D API

Window Systems

Android Window system is supported.


  • Refer to eglinfo output (run eglinfo on Android terminal prompt to see the list of extensions supported).

What is not supported

  • Power Management features are not fully validated.
  • DVI output is not fully validated
  • Rotation features are not validated
  • Automatic SGX core version detection, and target side install are not supported due to the limited command set available on Android.

Additional Packages

Benchmarking packages for SGX functionalities and APIs are available at,

Fixed in this Release

Limitations/ Known Issues

Installation and Usage

Please look for detailed installation and usage instructions in the Getting Started Guide (Main page), as most of the instructions are similar.


The folders in the installed package contain binaries for several family of devices containing the SGX530 core. Brief description of these folders is below.

Graphics SDK folder contents
Folder Name Description Used by
1 gfx_rel_es2.x_android Release binaries for platforms having SGX core revision 1.0.3 (OMAP35x ES version 2.0) How to check?
2 gfx_rel_es3.x_android Release binaries for platforms having SGX core revision 1.2.1 (OMAP35x ES version 3.1) How to check?
3 gfx_rel_es5.x_android Release binaries for platforms having SGX core revision 1.2.5 (AM37xx/DM37xx) How to check?
4 GFX_Linux_KM Source for Graphics Kernel Modules Contains kernel dependent code, changes depending on Linux kernel used
5 GFX_Linux_SDK Demos, Training courses, PVR Tools,classes and header files Used for building new applications (Available only in the SDK package, not in the BIN package)