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ARM, VPSS and EDMA demos

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Content is no longer maintained and is being kept for reference only!

Demos for DM335

The DM335 processor is a low-cost, low-power processor providing advanced graphical user interface for display applications that do not require video compression and decompression. Coupled with a video processing subsystem (VPSS) that provides 720p display, the DM335 processor is powered by a 135/216/270 MHz ARM926EJ-S core so developers can create feature rich graphical user interfaces allowing customers to interact with their portable, electronic devices such as video-enabled universal remote controls, Internet radio, e-books, video doorbells and digital telescopes. The DM335 is pin to pin and SW compatible with the DM355 platform.

This page lists demos that can run on DM335, and highlight the performance of its ARM9, VPSS and EDMA. More demos will be added soon.

Java ME

Information on running Java ME (Micro Edition) and SE (Standard Edition) on ARM9, including open-source solutions.

ARM Open Source Codecs

Basic ARM porting instructions for some open source codec projects, such as madplay and mplayer.

IPIPE Resizer Demo

Information of IPIPE resizer demo on DM3xx.

Slide Transition Effect Library

Information of STE(slide transition effect) library on DM3xx.

JPEG Viewer

Display JPEG pictures using ARM! Zoom and rotate features included!

PDF Viewer

View your favorite PDFs using DM3xx!

USB Wireless

Wireless USB network adapters provide WiFi capability to DaVinci EVMs

Note: These demos can also run on devices like DM6446 and DM355.