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Accessing DSP/BIOS and SYS/BIOS Benchmarks

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DSP/BIOS Benchmarks

Performance and size benchmarks are available for every release of DSP/BIOS and SYS/BIOS and are shipped as part of the standard product documentation. If you have a release of version 5.20 or later, you can find the benchmarks by opening the release notes in your browser. Near the top of the first page will be a link for the benchmarks. Clicking on this will take you to a page that has one or more tables that enable you to navigate to the benchmarks for the particular ISA (64x+, 64x, 55x, 28x, ...) that you are interested in. For DSP/BIOS 5.2x releases, only a table for performance benchmarks is available. For later releases, tables for both size (code and data) and performance are provided. In addition to the benchmark numbers themselves, .pdf files are provided that provided a detailed description of how the benchmarks were implemented, such as whether they were run in internal of external memory, for example.

If you do not have access to a release, you can access the release notes (and thereby the benchmarks) on-line by clicking on the following link:

DSP/BIOS Releases

SYS/BIOS Releases

This link enables you to access any DSP/BIOS or SYS/BIOS products and their associated release notes. The release notes may be browsed directly and there is no need to download the whole product. You will need to have a my.ti login to access this site. This login is easily created using a link available on the login page that will display when you click on the above link.