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Activating CCSv4

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What is Activation?

To use Code Composer Studio you need a license.  To get a license you need to activate.  There are a number of different license options in CCS, these are documtened on the Licensing_-_CCS page.  For free CCS licenses activation may occur directly in CCS itself.  For most purchased licenses you will be provided with an activation ID and you will use the to generate your license file. 

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Note that full licenses are now available at no cost. See the important update on the Licensing_-_CCS page.

Activation Process 

When you run CCS it will detect if you have a license file installed.  If it does not find a license file it will bring up a dialog with instructions on how to obtain a license file to use.  This license dialog will also display your host ID (MAC address) which you may need during the activation process.

Note: If you already have a license file from a previous CCS installation you can just point to it using this dialog and click continue.

Once activation is complete, you will now return to CCS.  You should see (Licensed) in the title bar.  If you see (Unlicensed) then you will see the activation dialog the next time you start CCS.

There are several options for activating CCS:

CCSv4:  You may want to review the topic GSG:CCSv4 Running for the first time for more details.

CCSv5:  More information to come ...

30 Day Evaluation License

CCS can be evaluated for 30 days. This will activate all the features of CCS for 30 days. Simply select the 'Evaluate Code Composer Studio for 30 days' option in the license dialog. If this option does not appear, see this FAQ.

CCSv4 registration 30day.PNG

90 Day Evaluation License Extension

Once the 30 days have expired, a license file will need to be generated and installed. A 90 day evaluation license can be generated to extend the evaluation period, or a permanent license can be generated (see below).

Generate and Install a License File

You may want to review the topic GSG:CCSv4 Running for the first time#Registered_License for more details.

Select the 'Activate a License' option to activate and install a license:

CCSv4 registration activate.PNG

Note that this dialog can also be accessed using the 'Help->Licensing Option...' from the main CCS menu if you wish to generate and install a new license.

  • Step 1 - Generate License File: Select the type of license file to generate. Select one of your HostIDs and copy it into the clipboard. Select 'Register' if you have an activation code that was provided with your CCS purchase.   or 'Use Free Limited License' to generate a free license that lets you use the low cost XDS100 emulators, emulation built onto standard EVM/DSP/eZdsp development boards or simuators. Both buttons will open a browser and take you to the activation site.  Note that you may need to log into MyTI.  If you do not have a MyTI login there is a SignUp button that you can use to create one.  Once at the activation site, follow the steps to generate a license and have it e-mailed to you.
  • Step 2 - Install License File: Once the e-mail with the attached license file has been received, copy the license file to somewhere on your local machine. Then proceed to step 2 in the license dialog and use the browse button to browse to and select the license file that you copied on to your local machine. This will install the license and activate CCS.

For floating license uses, there are additional steps that need to be taken for setting up the license on a license server. See this topic on License Server Administration for CCS for more details.

Activation without Internet Access

If CCS is being installed on a machine without direct internet access, record the Host ID as mentioned above and either go to a machine which does have internet access or provide the HostID to someone who can access the internet on your behalf.  If you have purchased CCS and have an activation ID then go to the registration page and follow the steps above to generate a license.  If you are looking to activate the free bundle license then use this link.  Be sure to enter the Host ID for the machine you wish to use CCS on and if you are registering on behalf of someone, you can enter their e-mail address to have the license file sent directly to them (or to someone that can then forward it to the proper person). Once the license file is received, copy the file on to the machine where CCS needs to be activated and then specify the path to the file in the 'Activate Code Composer Studio' dialog to complete the activation.


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