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Android Benchmarks DevKit2.3v2.0

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Content is no longer maintained and is being kept for reference only!


This page provides comparison among various TI processors running TI's Android-DevKit. Data published here is for the latest version of released Android-DevKit. Items yet to be measured are marked "TBD" and those that are not applicable to a particular platform are marked "N/A".

Platform Benchmarks

This is a collection of benchmarks comparing mainly CPU speed and other data transfer operations. In below tests, AM389x@1GHz, and AM387x@800MHz.

RowboPerf: ARM

See RowboPERF User Guide for more information about these metrics. The RowboPerf application calls native executables compiled with Android's NDK to perform these tests.

AM389x AM387x
Dhrystone 948.59 DMIPS 569.15 DMIPS
Whetstone 250 MIPS 166.7 MIPS
Linpack 24524 Kflops 14610 Kflops

RowboPERF: 0xBench

See RowboPERF User Guide for more information about these metrics.

Linpack AM389x AM387x
Mflops/s 14.97 9.09
Scimark2 AM389x AM387x
Composite 18.45 11.02
Fast Fourier Transform 13.82 8.28
Jacobi Successive Over-relaxation 25.88 15.56
Monte Carlo integration 5.96 3.60
Sparse matrix multiply 16.88 10.01
dense LU matrix factorization 29.72 17.64

Boot Time

Numbers shown here measure the time from start of loading the kernel image to appearance of Android's Home Screen. These measurements are done using the default (pre-built) images provided with the DevKit. Please note that the very first time you boot your device, the boot time will be significantly higher (approx. 3-4 min).

Time (secs) AM389x AM387x
SD First Boot Time1 60 66.2
SD Boot Time 23 27.9

1 First boot time refers to first time the system is booted with a freshly created SD card.


Need to devise this test.

Memory Bandwidth

Need to devise this test.


These metrics were collected using the Quadrant performance benchmark available at The score for each of the platforms are reflected under the "Your device" bar.


Am389x gingerbread 2.3 devkit 2.0 quadrant.png


Am387x gingerbread 2.3 devkit 2.0 quadrant.png

Browser Performance


These metrics were collected using the well-known Sunspider performance benchmarks available at

Sunspider AM389x AM387x
Total 6051.6 ms +/- 0.6% 9734.1 ms +/- 1.3%


Am389x gingerbread 2.3 devkit 2.0 sunspider.png


Am387x gingerbread 2.3 devkit 2.0 sunspider.png


These metrics were collected using the v8 performance benchmarks available at

V8 AM389x AM387x
Total 200 134


These metrics were collected using the acid browser tests available at . Additional information about the benchmark can be found at

Acid3 AM389x AM387x
Total 93/100 93/100

Flash Player Performance

These metrics represent the frames per second (fps) and revolutions per minute (rpm) observed while using the browser to run FpsMeter.swf, Particules.swf and Donuts.swf from an MMC/SD card.

Donuts(rpm) AM389x AM387x
50 sec 3.5 3.5
100 sec 3.6 3.5
150 sec 3.5 3.5

FpsMeter(fps) AM389x AM387x
3 objects 29.3 to 30.17 26.7 to 30.08
4 objects 28.67 to 30.08 28.4 to 30.01
5 objects 28.06 to 30.25 26.6 to 30.08

Particules(fps) AM389x AM387x
fps 24.3 to 26.8 16.7 to 18.3

File Storage Performance

These tests were performed using the StorageIO application provided in RoboPerf. The application measures the write and read speed of different storage devices using several block sizes. For these tests the file size chosen was 100 MBytes. In order for the application to run the storage device chosen for the test must be mounted in the Android file system and a have read and write access. All the tests were perform on devices with a vfat file system.

1 The performance numbers for AM389x reported by the StorageIO application are not considered to be accurate and the root cause is being investigated.

MMC/SD Performance

Throughput (MB/s) AM389x AM387x
Write, bs=512 6.8171 2.623
Write, bs=4096 7.7051 2.887
Write, bs=16384 7.9351 3.210
Write, bs=65536 8.5851 3.044
Write, bs=524288 10.0461 3.062
Write, bs=1048576 12.0471 2.926
Read, bs=512 39.8841 11.684
Read, bs=4096 40.0831 11.961
Read, bs=16384 188.5921 11.796
Read, bs=65536 288.8631 11.016
Read, bs=524288 355.4491 11.293
Read, bs=1048576 350.6941 10.073

USB Performance

Throughput (MB/s) AM389x AM387x
Write, bs=512 9.3781 2.228
Write, bs=4096 47.5541 3.224
Write, bs=16384 23.9511 3.089
Write, bs=65536 33.3091 3.866
Write, bs=524288 22.5641 4.051
Write, bs=1048576 32.4631 3.538
Read, bs=512 39.8541 7.983
Read, bs=4096 184.2841 8.892
Read, bs=16384 278.1361 10.770
Read, bs=65536 335.0081 8.809
Read, bs=524288 330.7811 9.629
Read, bs=1048576 373.1581 8.853

SATA Hard Drive Performance

The SATA hard drive used for this test is a Hitachi model HTS541680J9SA00.

Throughput (MB/s) AM389x AM387x
Write, bs=512 20.4961
Write, bs=4096 38.9801
Write, bs=16384 38.6351
Write, bs=65536 37.6911
Write, bs=524288 40.3911
Write, bs=1048576 37.3951
Read, bs=512 40.6891
Read, bs=4096 184.9341
Read, bs=16384 165.6511
Read, bs=65536 360.3351
Read, bs=524288 403.2981
Read, bs=1048576 404.8551

Connectivity Performance

These tests provide throughput comparison across commonly used transports/mediums.


Measures TCP Throughput between Server (running on Host PC) and Client (Android Platform) using different buffer sizes (bs in bytes) Both Server and client uses the Netperf utility. For more information about Netperf, please see Netperf Home page

TCP Throughput AM389x AM387x
bs=16 136.22 Mb/s 106.6 Mb/s
bs=1024 136.49 Mb/s 101.69 Mb/s
bs=4096 263.99 Mb/s 233.56 Mb/s
bs=8192 373.67 Mb/s 233.56 Mb/s


Measure Android Debug Bridge (ADB) throughput between Host PC and Android device by pushing and pulling a 20MB file with random content 10 times. TX and RX numbers are from the Host PC point of view, so TX is measured by doing "adb push" on the Host PC.


ADB USB Throughput AM389x AM387x
TX 4853.80 KB/s 3905.40 KB/s
RX 5050.20 KB/s 5016.40 KB/s

Graphics Performance

The display resolution for AM389x and AM387x is 1920x1080 pixels.

RowboPERF: 0xBench 2D

See RowboPERF User Guide for more information about these metrics.

2D AM389x AM387x
Draw Canvas (fps) 30.87 21.88
Draw Circle (fps) 23.60 16.44
Draw Circle2 (fps) 14.11 10.44
Draw Rect (fps) 6.77 4.15
Draw Arc (fps) 14.58 9.58
Draw Image (fps) 7.90 5.51
Draw Text (fps) 38.40 24.57

RowboPERF: 0xBench 3D

See RowboPERF User Guide for more information about these metrics.

3D AM389x AM387x
OpenGL Cube (fps) 30.90 23.59
OpenGL Blending (fps) 30.89 22.11
OpenGL Fog (fps) 30.83 22.92
OpenGL Teapot (fps) 30.30 22.60


This is Release DevKit-V2.3 v2.0. The release is available from