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Architecture GUI Composer

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Gui Composer Architecture

Gui Composer is leveraging web based technology such as HTML5, JavaScript and Dojo to provide a platform agnostic user interface. The exact set of supported platforms is at this point limited by supported transport mechanisms.

Initial version of GUI Composer supports JTAG based transport mechanism. JTAG based support is available on the same set of devices that Code Composer Studio supports. Your particular application may have further requirements on non-intrusive access to targets memory. e.g C2000 family support real-time access and some ARM based devices provide non-intrusive memory access through Debug Access Port (DAP). GUI Composer version 5.5 introduced Serial transport for MPS430 and C28xx via a monitor running on the target. Ethernet and other transports are planned for future releases.

GUI Composer Runtime webserver architecture:

Arch WebServer GuiComposer.png

GUI Composer Information Backplane and communication transports

Arch Backplane GuiComposer.png