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C2000 USB and SYS/BIOS

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C2000 USB and SYS/BIOS

The C2000 USB stack and SYS/BIOS can easily co-exist in a given application. Below you'll find some guidelines for integrating the two in your application.

  • Ensure your project is a SYS/BIOS project or if not create a new SYS/BIOS project
  • Open the cfg file to configure the project
  • Navigate to the HWI section and register the USB interrupt handler(USB0DeviceIntHandler or USB0HostIntHandler) as a HWI at the proper vector number (which is available in the documentation)
  • If you are implementing a USB Host application you'll also need to register the host state machine function (USBHCDMain) as a periodic task. An interval of a millisecond or two ought to work great.
  • Call the USB initialization function in your startup code just as it is in the examples.

Thats it! Piece o' Cake.