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C6000 Embedded Design Workshop

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Introduction - C6000 Embedded Design Workshop

The "C6000 Embedded Design Workshop " has been re-designed to follow the new "Intro to the TI-RTOS Kernel Workshop". The "TI-RTOS Kernel" workshop focuses primarily on the TI-RTOS Kernel (SYS/BIOS) for all TI EP products (C28x, C6000, MSP430 and Tiva C Series). This new C6000 2-day workshop then follows that workshop and focuses in much more detail on the C6000 architecture.

If you are a C6000, multicore (C66x) or OMAP user, you will gain valuable insight into the underlying O/S by taking the "Intro to TI-RTOS Kernel Workshop" first followed by this new 2-day workshop focused solely on the C6000 architecture and optimization.

To access the agenda and details about the "Intro to TI-RTOS Kernel Workshop", click here:

In addition to the topics covered in the "TI-RTOS Kernel (SYS/BIOS) Workshop", the C6000 Embedded Design Workshop will cover the following:

  • Dynamic Memory Usage (Heaps)
  • Intro to the C6000 devices and architecture (platform files, interrupts, GEL files, etc.)
  • C Compiler Optimizations as well as system optimizations
  • Using the C6000 cache efficiently
  • How to use the EDMA3 system peripheral
  • A list of "grab-bag" topics (time-permitting) that cover DSP/BIOS, booting from flash, Stream I/O (PSP) and C66x devices

C6000 Architecture Videos

The following topics provide an in-depth look at C6000 architecture such as cache, using the C compiler/optimizer, EDMA3 and a great intro to the architecture itself. If you are a new user, we suggest you watch the videos in the order listed - especially watching the architecture intro PRIOR TO the optimization chapter. These videos have been re-located to our new training portal at - go HERE to see this new training portal.

Topic Chapter/Lab Wiki
Intro to C6000 Architecture Overview (0:13) Link
Chapter (1:43) Link
C6000 Optimizations - Using the C Compiler/Optimizer Overview (0:29) Link
Part 1 (1:10) Link
Part 2 (1:01) Link
LAB (1:23) Link
C6000 Cache Overview (0:15) Link
Part 1 (0:22) Link
Part 2 (0:33) Link
Part 3 (0:47) Link
LAB (0:30) Link
Using EDMA3 Overview (0:21) Link
Part 1 (1:05) Link
Part 2 (0:29) Link
Part 3 (0:32) Link

NoteNote: Please email Kim at k-rutherford@ti[dot]com if there are any technical difficulties with these videos.

Choosing the Appropriate Workshop

Choose the TI-RTOS Kernel workshop if you are:

  • Developing code for the C6000 DSP using SYS/BIOS or DSP/BIOS
  • ARM + DSP user who wants to understand the DSP "black box" and the RTOS (BIOS) running on that CPU
  • MSP430, C28x, Tiva C Series user who wants a deeper dive into the TI-RTOS Kernel (SYS/BIOS

Choose the follow-on C6000 Embedded Design Workshop if you are:

  • C6000 single or multi-core user - C66x, OMAP or C674x user
  • Need to know how to optimize code for C6000 targets
  • Need help with platform files, GEL files, compiler
  • Want to know details about how the EDMA3 works on these architectures

Choose the Introduction to Embedded Linux 3-day Workshop Using AM335x if you are:

  • primarily an ARM/Linux programmer
  • Click here for more info...

NoteNote: The C55x DSP architecture is NOT supported by SYS/BIOS, but the RTOS concepts are similar between DSP/BIOS and SYS/BIOS.

Supplementary Materials

Rev 1.20 - Nov 8, 2013


  • CCSv5.5+
  • OMAP-L138 Experimenter Kit (using OMAP-L138 SOM)
  • BIOS 6.35+
  • Released Nov 8, 2013

Student Guide

C6000 Embedded Design Workshop Student Guide (Nov 8, 2013) (262 pages) (17 MB)

Workshop Installation Guide

TI-RTOS Workshop Installation Guide - (Sept 25, 2013) (550K)
The preferred O/S is Windows7, but CCS will run on XP and Win8 as well. Whether you are only attending the 2-day TI-RTOS Kernel Workshop or the Kernel workshop PLUS the extended two days of the C6000 Embedded Design workshop, you must follow THESE install instructions. One installation guide covers BOTH workshops:

Workshop PPTs

All PowerPoint Slides (Nov 8, 2013) (10MB)

TI-RTOS Kernel Workshop AND C6000 Embedded Design Workshop Labs/Sols Downloads

All Labs and Solution Files (March 20, 2015) (12MB)

Hardware Needed for Workshop Labs

OMAP-L138 Experimenter Kit (Link to DigiKey) - $580 (subject to change)

XDS510 (LINK to Spectrum Digital) - $989 (subject to change)

Archived Workshops

DSP/BIOS Workshop - Rev 5.93 - July 2011

Complete Workshop Material


  • CCSv4.2.3
  • OMAP-L138 Experimenter Kit (with OMAP-L138 SOM)
  • DSP/BIOS 5.41

Download everything you need to get started:

Instructor Setup Guide - (includes all links to tools to create workshop environment)

Student Guide (~500 pages) (30 MB)

PowerPoint Slides (entire set)

Lab Files (entire set)

Solution Files (entire set)

Excerpt: Booting From SPI1 Flash

These chapters and labs were extracted for your convenience if you're only looking to learn how to flash the board. It includes the procedure and file for flashing the OMAP-L138 (OMAP-L138 SOM) or C6748 EVM (C6748 SOM).

TMS320C645x/C642x Integration Workshop - Rev 2.20 - Feb 2008

The following zip file contains the labs, solutions, powerpoint slides, student guide, etc. for this entire workshop. Posted here as an archive for anyone interested: