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C6x Code Generation Tools v6.1

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Code Generation Tools v6.1 is now available (1Q08) for the C6000 family.

This presentation provides a detailed technical overview of all the new v6.1 features release_610_overview_public.pdf

New Features in this release include:

  • Profile directed optimization
  • Compiler based Code Coverage Analysis
  • New COFF Linker
  • Support for the C674x ISA
  • New C++ template library support in the RTS library
  • Function entry/exit hooks
  • Improvements to conditional linking of compiled C/C++ code
  • Addition of the FUNC_ALWAYS_INLINE pragma
  • Improved support for "restrict" qualifier
  • Call-site based inlining
  • Structure access optimizations
  • GCC Language extensions
  • SIMD optimizations
  • -mf compiler option for controlling code size.