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CC256x Service Pack User's Guide

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This wiki page describes all of the required steps to setup/update the CC256x Service Packs for the TI Dual-mode Bluetooth Stack running on a Linux platform.

NoteNote: Please note that the following instructions are useful to edit the service pack for use with TI Dual-mode Bluetooth Stack for Linux. For other Bluetooth stacks like BlueZ, refer to the service-pack on this git :

The HCITester application, used for editing BTS scripts, can be downloaded here as part of the Wilink tools package. The full User's guide with initial setup instructions may be found here.

CC256x Service Pack Download links

CC2564xC Init Script Download

CC2564xB Init Script Download

Using The CC256x Service Pack with Linux (TI-BT-4-2-STACK-LINUX-ADDON)

1. Download the latest Service Pack from the CC256XC-BT-SP product page. Links are located in the CC256x Service Pack Downloads section.

CC256XC-BT-SP Installation Directory.PNG

2. Open the initscripts-TIInit_6.12.26.bts with HCITester.

NoteNote: Include the TIInit_6.12.26.xml included in the CC256XC-BT-SP download with HCITester if not already included. (For more details visit the HCI Tester User's Guide here).

CC256XC-BT-SP initscript base.PNG

3. Depending on the use-case, you will need to copy the appropriate add-on (BLE or AVPR) to the main initscripts-TIInit_6.12.26.bts. If using BT only or BT+BLE (non-assisted modes): If unsure if the AVPR is needed or not, use this section and ignore the section b) below.

BLE Addon

i. Open the initscripts-TIInit_6.12.26_ble_add-on.bts in HCItester.

CC256XC-BT-SP Installation Dir BLE AddOn.PNG

ii. Copy the content of the initscripts-TIInit_6.12.26_ble_add-on.bts at the end of the initscripts-TIInit_6.12.26.bts right before the ## Enable eHCILL section.

CC256XC-BT-SP initscript with BLE AddOn.PNG

AVPR Addon

If using AVPR for Assisted A2DP (A3DP) or Assisted HFP: Use the AVPR patches only is using assisted mode. If unsure, follow the instructions to use the BLE add-on.

i. Open the initscripts-TIInit_6.12.26_avpr_add-on.bts in HCItester.

CC256XC-BT-SP Installation Dir AVPR AddOn.PNG

ii. Copy the content of the initsctips-TIInit_6.12.26_avpr_add-on.bts at the end of the intsctips-TIInit_6.12.26.bts right before the ## Enable eHCILL section.

CC256XC-BT-SP initscript with AVPR AddOn.PNG

4. Optional: The default HCI UART baud rate is set to 115200 in the initscripts-TIInit_6.12.26.bts. If needed, you can modify the first HCI command in the initscript-TIInit_6.12.26.bts to change the baud rate.

Example: Changing the baud rate to 3000000)

CC256XC-BT-SP Change BaudRate 3M.PNG

The first command and it’s response between the host processor and the CC256X will be sent at 115200 (chip default) baud rate. After this first command of the initscript, the CC256X will switch to the specified new baud rate value (3000000). The host must also switch to this new baud rate after receiving the HCI command response for the first command.

5. In every event, replace the 0x00 value in the Number of HCI Commands parameter to any by selecting Edit -> Replace -> Replace All and configuring the parameters as follows:

Find What: "5000, 0x00"
Replace with: "5000, any"
Replace all

6. Save the modified .bts file as TIInit_6.12.26.bts and copy this file to the [target-root]/lib/firmware directory of the Linux root.

 sudo cp TIInit_<VERSION>.bts [target-root]/lib/firmware/

NoteNote: When using an SD Card, the target filesystem [target-root] may be /media/rootfs.