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CCS for LaunchPad

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Code Composer Studio (CCS)

Code Composer Studio is a complete, Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) that supports the LaunchPad ecosystem, as well as the rest of Texas Instruments' Embedded Processors portfolio. This tool enables developers to program, debug and compile code directly into your LaunchPad evaluation kits.

When using CCS with a LaunchPad evaluation kit, CCS is free and fully-featured.

DOWNLOAD CCS Here! (CCS for MSP430 LaunchPad is Windows only // C2000 LaunchPad supports both Windows and Linux)

Compile & debug code for all LaunchPad kits with an intuitive user interface.

CCS supports all LaunchPad evaluation kits and is updated frequently to ensure device support packages are up-to-date. CCS is available for Windows OS today.

With CCSv5, the User Interface has been greatly improved and simplified offering an intuitive and easy development environment.

With an updated compiler, developers are sure that the code being compiled is as efficient as possible without sacrificing performance.


How to install CCS


  1. Download the latest version of Code Composer Studio  - Web installer is recommended (only installs components that you request)

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  1. To download CCS, you must first register for a TI account and login. An export control form will also be presented.
  2. Once registered, you can then proceed to download CCS
  1. An executable will be opened. Simply save the file. Once saved, run the executable installer file. This will start the CCS install wizard.
  2. Read and accept the License Agreement.
  3. Select your CCS install folder (Default is C:/ti) --> click Next
  4. Select "Custom" for your setup preference --> click Next
  5. Place a checkmark next to "MSP430 Low Power MCUs" and/or "C28x 32-bit Real-Time MCUs" depending on the LaunchPad you will be developing with. --> click Next
  1. In the Select Componentssection, leave everything as default and click Next
  2. In the Select Emulators section, leave everything as default and click Next
  3. Review your Install Options. If everything looks good, click next to start your install!

Now that CCS is installed, now what?

If so, try out our Project 0 tutorials for the MSP430 and C2000 LaunchPad!

  • MSP430 Project 0 -- Creating a new project & blinking an LED using Code Composer Studio. 

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